These Walls

These Walls is a Queensland-based wallpaper and textile studio, headed up by Perth-born designer Sara Hingle. With a background in graphic design and illustration, Sara expertly combines handpainted patterns with nostalgia-tinged illustrations, creating bold, contemporary prints with timeless appeal.

Our Brisbane-based writer Jo Hoban recently caught up with Sara to find out more.

Jo Hoban

Designer Sara Hingle of These Walls in her Queensland studio. Photo – Nat McComas.



Designer Sara Hingle sketching concepts for her next range. Photo – Nat McComas.

Designer Sara Hingle of These Walls in her Queensland studio. Photo – Nat McComas.

These Walls wallpaper swatches. Photo – Nat McComas.

Details from the studio of Sara Hingle. Photo – Nat McComas.

These Walls textiles. Photo – Nat McComas.

These Walls ‘Stippled’ wallpaper in black and white. Photo – Nat McComas.

Jo Hoban
3rd of October 2016

Whether it be ‘that cushion’ from your Nana and Pop’s house, or ‘that wallpaper’ from your childhood abode, Sara Hingle loves the way comforting details from our homes add to our experiences and memories. So, in mid 2014, with her second child just out of the baby stage, Sara jumped head first into creating her own paper and textile brand, These Walls, offering wallpaper, fabrics, and cushions.

Prior to launching her business, Sara spent a decade freelance illustrating, with an impressive client list including Frankie Magazine and Smith Journal. ‘The move into surface and textile design was a natural one’ she says. ‘A few briefs began creeping in which involved designing repeat patterns. These projects challenged and fulfilled my creative senses, and sparked a new direction. I spent years working on highly detailed pencil portraits, so it’s liberating to free up my line work to create bolder, more naïve patterns for These Walls.’

For her latest range, Sara has looked to design staples of spots and stripes, in combination with more illustrative elements such as the distinct Grasstree, and a Monsteria-inspired leaf – all in a colour palette of subdued, earthy tones. ‘I wanted a relaxed, hand-rendered feel, so I developed each design using inks with brush or pen,’ mentions Sara. ‘These form the layers that are later digitally scanned and pulled into a tile composition.’

Sara grew up in Perth, but is now based in Queensland’s Burleigh Heads. In this laidback, beach-side location, Sara has put down roots and started a family. Her husband and two boys, aged 3 and 6, frequently brainstorm Sara’s business ideas and designs with her, and as a result Sara has created a side project – These Walls for Smalls, a range of wallpaper and textiles for kids’ rooms. ‘I hope to create a bit of a wonderland in kids’ rooms that ticks the boxes for both them and their folks too!’ she says.

To see more of Sara’s work, visit These Walls website.

Designer Sara Hingle of These Walls with her  ‘Grasstree’ wallpaper.  Photo – Nat McComas.

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