Mothers Day Gift Guide + Giveaway

As you guys know, all religious / non-religious / overly commercialised holidays aside, we are big believers in gift gifting! Mother’s Day would have to be one of the most important annual gift-giving celebrations, because Mums are generally such a selfless bunch, and whether we admit it or not, sometimes we all need a little reminder to show our appreciation.

Today we share our edit of inspired gift ideas for Mums, and as always, we encourage you to shop local this week!

Lucy Feagins

Our Annual Mothers Day Gift Guide + Giveaway! Clockwise from left to right: Bullet Vase by Sharon Muir from Modern Times ($176.00), Candlestick   from Market Import ($45.00), Short & Sweet Sunglasses in Humbug by Lucy Folk ($325.00), Nars Candle Jaipur Red from Mecca ($68.00), Drinking glass short from Market Import ($11.00), Drinking glass tall from Market Import ($15.00), Arch Point Atomic Planter by Sharon Muir from Modern Times ($198.00), Jesse Boots in Red from Habbot ($450.00), Copper vessel / planter from Lightly ($70.00),  Copper Bud Vase from Country Road ($14.95), Hand blown glass vase in rose pink from Dinosaur Designs ($264.00), Handmade plaster pot from Cecilia Fox ($80.00), Large vessel by Studio Twocan ($75.00), Flowers and greenery from Cecilia Fox. Styling – Lucy Feagins, styling assistant – Nat Turnbull, Photo – Eve Wilson.


Mothers Day Gift Guide. Clockwise from left to right: Flat Stanley Clutch in brown gold by Du Zen ($395.00), Small resin cloud bowl by Dinosaur Designs ($50.00), Small resin sprout vase in ice purple by Dinosaur Designs ($125.00), Cherry velvet tassel cushion cover by Kip and Co ($79.00), Antique Hungarian Matyo embroidery from Safari Living ($359.00), ‘Twist A Twill’ throw rug from Lightly ($205.00), Vintage Welsh blanket cushion from Cottage Industry ($90.00), Cotton ikat queen quilt – black from Safari Living ($230.00), Family Procteaceae (peach) scarf by Edith Rewa ($150.00), ‘Palenque’ Missoni Home cushion from Safari Living ($416.00). Flowers and greenery from Cecilia Fox. Styling – Lucy Feagins, styling assistant – Nat Turnbull, Photo – Eve Wilson.


Mothers Day Gift Guide. From left to right: Stockholm vase from Ikea ($49.99), Varn Hi Ball glassware from Country Road ($12.95),  Tall Disc Lamp in ‘Great Shalimar’ by Retro Print Revival ($280.00), Buds vase black from Country Road ($14.95), Paper sculpture by CASTLE ($49.00), Elixir body oil 120ml from Mecca ($98.00), Diptyque Feu De Bois Gris Candle from Mecca ($112.00), Volcanic resin vase in Malachite by Dinosaur Designs ($120), Matte Gold Cutipol Salad Servers from Francalia ($102), Large resin sprout vase in Art Range Green by Dinosaur Designs ($243), Leafy Tumbler by Amanda Dziedzic from Craft ($170.00), PET  Lamp ES LARGE – B from Safari Living ($594), Stockholm Vase from Ikea ($39.99), Medium resin rock vase in Malachite by Dinosaur Designs ($150.00). Flowers and greenery from Cecilia Fox. Styling – Lucy Feagins, styling assistant – Nat Turnbull, Photo – Eve Wilson.

Mothers Day Gift Guide. From left to right: Blue Diamond Driptopia vase by Iggy and Lou Lou ($290.00),  Klein Blue Driptopia bud vase by Iggy and Lou Lou ($95.00), Stone Dish from Safari Living ($22.00), Burkina Faso bangles from After Store ($18.00 ea), Spiral Weave wastepaper basket (Black) from Safari Living ($69.00), Funghi grinder (Black) from Safari Living ($85.00), Funghi salt cellar (Black) from Safari Living ($24.00), Blue Driptopia classic vase by Iggy and Lou Lou ($290.00),  Blue Diamond Amphora by Iggy and Lou Lou ($240.00), Pebbled Bud Vase by Sharon Muir from Modern Times ($62.00), Blue Driptopia Bud Vase by Iggy and Lou Lou ($95.00), Blue Face Amphora by Iggy and Lou Lou ($240.00), Black Abstract Expressionist Vase by Iggy and Lou Lou ($290.00), Pebbled Bud UFO Saucer Vase by Sharon Muir from Modern Times ($84.00), Le Feu De L’eau Candle (Night Jasmine) from After Store ($79.00), Bahen & Co Chocolate from The Woodsfolk ($9.90), Paper Sculpture by CASTLE ($69.00)Marimekko Fabric Cotton – Maisema as background from Safari Living ($45.00/metre). Flowers and greenery from Cecilia Fox. Styling – Lucy Feagins, styling assistant – Nat Turnbull, Photo – Eve Wilson.

Mothers Day Gift Guide. Clockwise from left to right: Mad Snake Cushion from Gorman ($79.00), Pistachio and Lilac hand-stitched vintage throw from Sally Campbell ($395.00), Runes Quilt from Arro Home ($149.00), Fuji Vase dark grey from Resident GP ($35.00), Holiday Floral blue cushion 50cm from Bonnie and Neil ($145.00), Charcoal Spot flock velvet cushion Cover from CASTLE ($69.00), Geo Origami cushion grey from Resident GP ($62.00), Deco Tile green cushion by Bonnie and Neil ($145.00), Weave wastepaper basket (Black) from Safari Living ($69.00), Indie Buoy bath towel from Kate and Kate ($99.00), Marimekko Fabric Cotton – Maisema as background from Safari Living ($45.00 per m). Flowers and greenery from Cecilia Fox. Styling – Lucy Feagins, styling assistant – Nat Turnbull, Photo – Eve Wilson.

Lucy Feagins
4th of May 2015

Today’s post brings together a bunch of ideas which we hope will be helpful on your hunt for the perfect Mother’s Day gift for this coming Sunday.  We have approached some of our favourite local retailers and designers, pulling together an eclectic edit of autumnal colour and pattern!

In our usual tradition, this gift guide also doubles as a pretty epic GIVEAWAY! Many of the items pictured here are up for grabs, whilst in other cases participating retailers have offered a generous gift voucher so one lucky winner will have the opportunity to head in store or online and choose their perfect gift.

Since temperatures have taken a bit of a dive in recent weeks, we reckon beautiful bedding of any description be well received this weekend – our top picks include a hand-stitched vintage throw from Sydney based designer Sally Campbell, a soft woollen throw rug from Melbourne’s Lightly or one of the many beautiful options from Safari Living. We’re also loving luscious velvet textures for winter – particularly the new velvet charcoal spot pillowcases from  CASTLE, and that intensely rich cherry velvet tassel cushion from Kip and Co – such a beauty!

If you think accessories are a better bet for your stylish Mum, we are loving the Habbot‘s Jesse Boots in rich red, locally made leather accessories by Du Zen, and those stunning silk scarves by Sydney based textile designer / illustrator Edith Rewa, who we recently profiled.

For the home, our favourite finds include Market Import‘s handpainted mexican candle holders, the striking Driptopia vessel range handmade in Melbourne by Iggy and Lou Lou (obsessed!) and ceramics by local maker Sharon Muir from Modern Times, amongst many other gems!

To be in the running to WIN, simply leave a comment on today’s post, stating in 40 words or less why your Mum deserves one of these excellent gifts. Please also include your postcode! Leave your comment before 10.00pm Melbourne time today, Monday 4th May 2015.

Please be patient if WordPress struggles to keep up with the entries this morning. If you have trouble, please pop back in the afternoon when the rush subsides. Winners will be selected and contacted by email this Friday May 8th 2015.

The full Mothers Day 2015 Giveaway Lineup!

Dinosaur Designs – $200 Gift Voucher

Safari Living – $200 Gift Voucher

Kip and Co – Cherry Velvet Tassel Cushion Cover ($79.00)

Iggy and Lou Lou – Blue Diamond Driptopia Vase $290

Francalia – Matte Gold Cutipol Salad Servers ($102)

Lightly – Twist A Twill Throw Rug ($205.00) and Copper Vessel / Planter ($70.00)

Kate and Kate – Indie Buoy bath towel ($99.00)

Habbot $300 gift voucher

Edith Rewa – Family Procteaceae (Peach) Scarf ($150.00)

Modern Times –  $200 Gift Voucher

Market Import – Totem Mexican candleholder ($45.00)

Studio Twocan – 1 x large vessel ($75.00)

Resident GP – Fuji Vase Dark Grey ($35.00)

Cottage Industry – Vintage Welsh blanket cushion ($90.00).

Mecca Cosmetica –  Elixir Body Oil 120ml ($98.00), Diptyque Feu De Bois Gris Candle ($112.00)

Craft – Leafy Tumbler by Amanda Dziedzic ($170.00).

Ikea – Stockholm Vase Tall ($39.99), Stockholm Vase  Wide ($49.99).

After Store – Le Feu De L’eau Candle (Night Jasmine) ($79.00) and Burkina Faso Bangles ($18.00 ea).

The Woodsfolk – Bahen & Co Chocolate ($9.90).

CASTLE – Small paper Sculpture ($49.00) and Charcoal Spot Flock Velvet Cushion Cover ($69.00).

Bonnie and Neil –  Deco Tile Green Cushion ($145.00) and Holiday Floral Blue Cushion 50cm ($145.00).

Gorman – Mad Snake Cushion – a collaboration with Miranda Skoczek ($79.00)

Sally Campbell – Pistachio and Lilac hand-stitched vintage throw ($395.00)

Cecilia Fox – Handcrafted plaster pot ($80.00)

Du Zen –  Flat Stanley Clutch Brown Gold ($395.00)

Country Road – Buds Vase Black ($14.95),  Copper Bud Vase ($14.95), Varn Hi Ball Glassware ($12.95)

We hope today’s post will inspire a special gift for the all important Mums out there this coming weekend.  We greatly appreciate the generous offerings of all participating retailers and designers for making this such a sumptuous spread, and as always, we encourage you all to shop local this week!

Mothers Day Gift Guide. Clockwise from left to right: Large Vessel by Studio Twocan ($75.00), Fossil stone box from Safari Living ($39.00), Pink Fuji Vase from Resident GP ($35.00), Lazy bones plate dinner plate from Cottage Industry ($20.00). Flowers and greenery from Cecilia Fox. Styling – Lucy Feagins, styling assistant – Nat Turnbull, Photo – Eve Wilson.

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