Adrian Thia and Craig Mutton

I must say, when you’re on the hunt for amazing Australian homes week in, week out… a little Instagram stalking sure helps (seriously, what did we do before Instagram!?).  Today’s incredible Daylesford home is one such discovery!

We contacted Adrian Thia somewhat sneakily via social media after spotting a few shots of the beautifully decorated home he shares with partner Craig Mutton, and Adrian’s Mum, Susan.  The property is also home to Adrian’s purpose built yoga studio, Lè Yoga.

Lucy Feagins
Supported by Dulux

The incredible Daysleford home of Adrian Thia and Craig Mutton.   Above – dining room, with view through to living room.  ‘Algue’ hanging wall screen by Vitra (available in Australia from Space).  An old kitchen cabinet has been converted to be used as a little bar.  In the living room beyond, the curtains are custom screen printed by Spacecraft.  Sofas are ‘Facett’ by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec for Ligne Roset (available in Australia through Domo). Photo – Sean Fennessy, production – Lucy Feagins.

Dining room details.  Love all the rich, brave colour used throughout this home!  Hanging above the dining table is Craig’s favourite light, the ‘Skygarden’ by Flos (available from Euroluce).… ‘Yes, we bought the light before we found the house!’ says Adrian.  Artwork on far wall is entitles ‘Paris Gold’ by James Cochran. Photo – Sean Fennessy, production – Lucy Feagins.

Customised 4m long dining table from Mark Tuckey, cabinet by Zuster, chairs Tolix chairs from Thonet. ‘Algue’ hanging wall screen by Vitra was used as a room divider in Adrian and craig’s previous home, but here serves a purely decorative function  ‘It’s by our favourite designers, Ronan & Erwan Boullourec’ says Adrian (available in Australia from Space). Photo – Sean Fennessy, production – Lucy Feagins.

A corner of the dining room – more amazing brave colour on the walls! Adrian and Craig love their little Kemlan C24 wood fire in the dining room. ‘It’s one of the most efficient wood fires we’ve found that heats the entire house beautifully, and it’s made in Queensland!’ says Adrian.  Photo – Sean Fennessy, production – Lucy Feagins.

Hallway in Sunroom, Skitsch standing teak lamp and Mozia Wall Clock. Photo – Sean Fennessy, production – Lucy Feagins.

A Colourful corner in the sunroom adjacent to the main dining room.  Adrian and Craig’s collection of light boxes displays some of their holiday photos.  The beautiful and ‘extremely comfortable’ Eames ’La Chaise’ chair by Vitra, is a favourite (available from Space). Box from Spacecraft. Photo – Sean Fennessy, production – Lucy Feagins.

Craig (left) and Adrian (right) in their living room. Arwork to right, ‘Into the City’ by James Cochran. Photo – Sean Fennessy, production – Lucy Feagins.

Incredible dark, moody living room!  Coffee table by Tait, cushions by  Spacecraft, ‘Facett’ sofas by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec for Ligne Roset (available in Australia through Domo), metal side tables also by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec, for Vitra  (available from Space). Statue of Goddess of Mercy, Guanyin, Sonus Faber speakers. Movie posters collected by Adrian and Craig.  Arco lamp by Flos just sneaking into shot! Photo – Sean Fennessy, production – Lucy Feagins.

Concrete ‘Aplomb’ pendant lights by Foscarini in the kitchen (from Space). Photo – Sean Fennessy, production – Lucy Feagins.

Master bedroom with amazing full length window looking out to the property beyond.  ‘Alcova’ bed by Antonio Citterio for B&B Italia/Maxalto (available from Space). Country Road bedsheets and blankets. Photo – Sean Fennessy, production – Lucy Feagins.

Ensuite adjacent to bedroom.  Cast Iron bath, Torch light by Established&Sons (available from Living Edge), bedside tables by Zuster, Flos KTribe table lamp (available from Euroluce).

The northern end of Adrian and Criag’s house, and entrance to Adrian’s ‘Lè Yoga’ studio. ‘Superarchimoon’ by Flos oversized lamp lights the studio entrance and swings around for evening garden drinks and BBQ  (available from Euroluce).  Photo – Sean Fennessy, production – Lucy Feagins.

Adrian and Craig’s 2.6 acre property over looking Doctors Gully, Daylesford.  Photo – Sean Fennessy, production – Lucy Feagins.

Lucy Feagins
14th of January 2015

Adrian Thia and Craig Mutton moved to Daylesford two and a half years ago (with Adrian’s Mum!), seeking a slightly more balanced way of life, after having previously lived for twelve years in Collingwood, Melbourne. Whilst Craig, a portfolio manager, now commutes to Melbourne most days, Adrian has seized the opportunity to create his own yoga studio right here at home. With its own separate entrance, Lè Yoga has fast gathered a loyal following of local yoga enthusiasts, and regularly plays host to weekend yoga retreats.

After taking possession of their property, Adrian and Craig were keen to give the home a contemporary update.  The pair designed the interior spaces themselves – committing to a tight six month window to complete their renovations.  ‘We set a date for a housewarming party before Christmas 2012’ says Adrian. Nothing like a self imposed deadline to get things moving!

‘We self managed all the renovations when we moved in’ says Adrian. ‘Having lived in a converted warehouse apartment in Collingwood for 12 years, we kind of worked out what design works best for our lifestyle’. Three small bedrooms were converted into a generous master bedroom, whilst two bedrooms to the rear of the home were converted into Adrian’s purpose built yoga studio. The bathrooms and kitchen were fully renovated too.

What is so refreshing about Adrian and Craig’s approach here is the confident decorating decisions they’ve made. They know what they like, and they do things their own way!  One of the most distinctive features of this home is the incredible use of bold colour throughout, especially those unexpected deep hues in the living and dining spaces – so sexy!  ‘We painted the entire house from off white/beige/lilac to the bolder colours that we prefer’ says Adrian.

The pair are also passionate fans of contemporary design and have amassed an incredible collection of European designer furniture over the past fifteen years.  To be honest, their home could probably double as a Space Furniture Daylesford pop-up showroom!  ‘Our bed ‘Alcova’ designed by Antonio Citterio for B&B Italia/Maxalto is probably our most treasured piece of furniture’ says Adrian. ‘I often used to joke about how tacky four post beds look, ’til we saw this one. It is so well built.  It makes going on holiday a little problematic these days… because we simply love our bed and bedroom!’.

Adrian and Craig are also very fond of Australian contemporary art, and particularly the work of South Australian artist James Cochran (they have three of his paintings).  ‘James Cochran is represented by Lindberg Galleries, we spotted his works back in 2007 but weren’t in the position to purchase until 2010′ explains Adrian.  ‘We love the mix of classic and street style in his work, created using a combination of aerosol spray/drips in an impressionist style’.

It’s amazing how quickly these two have settled into country life, after many years living in Melbourne. After building Adrian’s yoga studio here, the pair found themselves quickly surrounded by a great group of likeminded locals, and regular visitors from Melbourne. ‘The community in Daylesford is so welcoming, sociable and open minded’ says Adrian.  ‘We’ve made more friends in the 2.5 years here than in the 12 years in Collingwood’.

Huge thanks to Adrian and Craig for sharing their incredible home!  If you love this space, and you’re into YOGA, definitely check out Adrian’s regular yoga retreats – casual, friendly weekend retreats hosted on the property, with amazing dinners cooked by Adrian’s clever Mum, and served at that 4m long table in Adrian and Craig’s beautiful dining room!

Front entrance to the house.  Zofa by Dedon, cushions from Spacecraft. Photo – Sean Fennessy, production – Lucy Feagins.

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