Best of Australian Homes 2014 · Mark Dundon, Lisa Sanderson and Family

Good morning!  Todays we are revisiting another incredible Melbourne home from earlier this year – situated in Camberwell, this understated 1970’s family home belongs to Melbourne’s coffee king and proprietor of Seven Seeds, Mark Dundon, his partner Lisa Sanderson and their teenage son Felix.

Lucy Feagins

The incredible 1970’s Melbourne home of Mark Dundon, proprietor of Seven Seeds, his partner Lisa Sanderson and their son Felix.  Dining room featuring rug from Loom Rugs, Kartell dining chairs. Photo – Eve Wilson, production – Lucy Feagins / The Design Files.

Dining room with North facing windows looking out to the pool.  Custom made pegboard creates a centrepiece for displaying artwork and treasures collected overseas.  Photo – Eve Wilson, production – Lucy Feagins / The Design Files.

Breakfast nook , galley kitchen. Photo – Eve Wilson, production – Lucy Feagins / The Design Files.

Mark and his son Felix kindly pose for a portrait in the kitchen!  (Sadly we missed Mark’s partner Lisa that day!).  Photo – Eve Wilson, production – Lucy Feagins / The Design Files.

Lucy Feagins
26th of December 2014

The Dundon family have been here only two years, having moved from Brunswick to Camberwell just in time for Felix to start at a new high school in the area. ‘I had always had a soft spot for 60’s and 70’s houses’ expains Mark. ‘We came upon the house, which was advertised as a knock down. It was pretty much love at first sight.’

In fact, the home was designed by Kevin Borland, a prominent post war architect who studied under Robin Boyd, and worked for a time with Harry Seidler. When Mark and Lisa took possession, aside from a kitchen renovation undertaken by the previous owners, the home was in almost original condition.

The home encapsulates a number of clever hallmarks of modernist design, including a somewhat unconventional layout with various floor levels, and a floating mezzanine lounge room that sits above the dining area.

It’s always amazing to chat to occupants of mid century homes – there is so often a sense of design appreciation that comes with living in houses like this, which really does go far beyond aesthetic nostalgia. Modernist houses can still teach us many valuable lessons today about living smaller and living smarter – but it’s not always obvious until you chat to an enthusiastic person who actually lives in one!

‘In looking at current trends in design,  you can see a lot of architects influenced by this period’ says Mark. ‘I think living in this house has shown me why it has influenced so many designers today, the comfort level and living areas of the house just work’.

For the full story and many more pics of Mark and Lisa’s 1970’s gem, do POP BACK and revisit the original post!

North facade of the house, deck and pool, unusually positioned in the corner of the block to maximise the Northern light.  Photo – Eve Wilson, production – Lucy Feagins / The Design Files.

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