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Lucy Feagins
Lucy Feagins
15th of July 2014
Campaign imagery featuring the new 'Appeteaser' collection by Melbourne jewellery designer Lucy Folk.
Handcrafted jewellery from the new 'Appeteaser' collection from Melbourne jewellery designer Lucy Folk.
Campaign imagery featuring the new 'Appeteaser' collection by Melbourne jewellery designer Lucy Folk.
We like to keep an eye on local jewellery designer Lucy Folk.  She always seems to keep us on our toes, creating ever more amazing, weird and wonderful designs with each new collection.  She's also really flying the flag for Australian fashion and jewellery design on an international level, having launched her popular 'Bento' collection at high profile French concept store Colette last year (!!), all whilst continuing to build her impressive list of amazing collaborators and stockists worldwide.  Oh, and then there was that time last year that Beyonce wore her earrings in a video.. we mustn't forget that! Lucy's latest collection has just hit her Melbourne flagship store and AS USUAL we are totally smitten.  Taking inspiration from pearls, and the ocean's aphrodisiac, the Oyster, the collection is all about guilty pleasures. 'Appeteaser exudes delectable decadence, serving up an enticing slice of fashion and flavour served best with a bottle of the finest champagne!' says Lucy!  In what have become distinctive hallmarks of Lucy's playful aesthetic, the Appeteaser range combines precious and semi-precious metals with colourful metallic crocheted elements, to maximum effect! Ms Folk never sits still for long.  'It’s been super busy!' says Lucy, who is currently overseas, having just finished sales in Paris for her Resort 2015 collection, entitled SUGAR.  The next collection (due in store in October) will also see the launch of Lucy's first eyewear range, designed with Sunshine Bertrand, who has designed eyewear for the likes of Kenzo & Victoria Beckham!  'Oh, and we are also working on opening up additional Lucy Folk flagship stores - so lots on and lots to come!' Lucy says... Oh my goodness. How exciting! Go Lucy Go! LucyFolk-Appeteaser2
Handcrafted jewellery from the new 'Appeteaser' collection from Melbourne jewellery designer Lucy Folk.
Campaign imagery featuring the new 'Appeteaser' collection by Melbourne jewellery designer Lucy Folk.

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