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Lucy Feagins
Lucy Feagins
10th of June 2014
Sweet greetings card and print designs by Sydney based company 'The Adventures Of '.
Art print designs by Sydney based company 'The Adventures Of '.
Amanda Denning and Benjamin Denning of Sydney based company 'The Adventures Of '!  Photo - Matt Johnson, styling - Madeline Johnson.
The Adventures Of is a collaboration between Sydney based husband and wife team Amanda and Benjamin Denning.  Based from their home studio in sunny Cronulla, Amanda and Ben launched their design and stationery studio in November last year, and since then have developed a sweet little range of printed products based on original paintings by Amanda. From graphic abstract forms in pastel hues, to sweet hand painted typographic designs, The Adventures Of is a creative experiment of sorts, giving Amanda and Ben the freedom to 'run wild with our imagination, and design without rules or boundaries'.  Their latest collection, Endless Wonderpresents a series of 20 new greeting cards and 15 new limited edition art prints (they print 100 of each design). Amanda worked full time for a design and print company for many years before launching her own little studio. 'My previous role wasn’t as creative as I had hoped, so I found myself channelling my creative outlet elsewhere, in between client work' Amanda explains. She recalls designing and illustrating her own projects late at night after work and on weekends.  Eventually, Amanda left her day job, and went on to freelance in graphic design and illustration, before taking the plunge and launching The Adventures Of late last year, with the encouragement of her husband Ben. There's something so endearing about Amanda's boundless enthusiasm for this new creative endeavour! 'I’m accustomed to following strict design briefs, so it brought great satisfaction to create my own designs' says Amanda. 'I’ve always been designing and illustrating, but The Adventures Of has given my artwork purpose! This adventure has brought to life my designs in the form of printed tangible products - it's 2 dimensional magic!!' Amanda draws inspiration from a wide range of sources when designing for The Adventures Of.  'It could be a shape, a colour combination, some unique type or a texture' she says.  'I think a lot of my inspiration also stems from nostalgia from my childhood.  Our work is fun, illustrative, nostalgic and just plain happy!' Adventures1
Sweet greetings card and print designs by Sydney based company 'The Adventures Of '.  Photo - Matt Johnson, styling - Madeline Johnson.

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