Carla Fletcher and Brett Langsford

Lucy Feagins
Lucy Feagins
4th of June 2014
The Northcote warehouse home of artist Carla Fletcher and her husband, musician Brett Langsford.'We inherited the beautiful old wooden table from Carla's family which they had when she was growing up,' says Brett. Hanging gems above the table are by contemporary jeweller and artist Krista Mcrae.  A favourite vintage yellow Italian ceramic vase sits on the table, alongside an eclectic mish mash of dining chairs – some spray painted by Carla along the way. Photo - Eve Wilson. Production - Lucy Feagins / The Design Files.
Django next to the pot belly - his favourite spot in winter! Australian Landscape painting by Undine Padoms, Carla says 'Undine showed such stunning depictions of the Australian landscape from the late '70s early '80s. She apparently died young, and The Victorian Artist's Society have a landscape painting in her name'. Photo - Eve Wilson, production - Lucy Feagins / The Design Files.
'The Alchemist', 2013 by Carla Fletcher, pencil and synthetic polymer paint on linen. Photo - Eve Wilson. Production - Lucy Feagins / The Design Files.
TDF_eastman_st10239 Carla Fletcher and Brett Langsford in their Northcote Home, with Django the retrievador! Eve Wilson. Production - Lucy Feagins / The Design Files.
We ALWAYS love photographing the homes of artists and creative people, they are the most inspiring and eclectic spaces, full of endless possibilities!  Today's home is no exception.  Artist Carla Fletcher and her husband, musician Brett Langsford live in this amazing open plan warehouse in Northcote, not far from bustling high street.  Their home is a vast, light-filled, versatile space where Brett and Carla both live and work, alongside their much loved pup, Django. Carla and Brett have been here nearly three years, after picking up the lease from friends who lived here previously (it is, after all, one of those extra special homes that you just wouldn't expect to ever discover via the usual channels!).  After moving in, they put in a few basic partition walls to create a separate studio space, music room and sleeping quarters, though they're always moving things around to accomodate their various creative projects and collaborations. 'The versatility of our space is what we love most' says Carla of the unique living arrangement she and Brett have created here. 'We change the space all the time for exhibitions, band rehearsals and dinner parties' she explains. During summer, doors and windows are flung open, and the home is full of sunshine, whilst in winter, it's all about cosying up in front of the pot belly fireplace.  When Brett is rehearsing or recording, the home is full of musicians and creative collaborators, whilst in the lead up to an exhibition, Carla's oversized canvases take over.  Such is the colourful and creative life of this talented and prolific pair! Carla is an incredible artist, and not surprisingly, her home is filled with many of her own beautiful works, as well as those created by talented friends.  'Our home is a blank canvas that we fill with the things we love most in life' says Carla - It is dominated by our love of paintings, instruments, textiles, books and plants'. The amazing oversized Koala drawing in the living room entitled 'The Alchemist' is one of Carla's most recent works, and is currently her most treasured piece! Carla also has two very special Indigenous artworks in her collection which each hold nostalgic appeal.  Her treasured Minnie Pwerle painting was a special gift from Carla's Dad - a reminder that 'You are never too old to be creative or start something'.  (Minnie was about 80 years old when she started painting, and became one of Australia's most celebrated contemporary female Indigenous Artists).  The other painting, by David Malangi, is a bark painting from Carla's Grandfather, who bought it directly from Malangi in the late 1960's in The Northern Territory. For Brett, a talented guitarist, composer and music producer, nostalgia comes in a different form.  His dearest possession is an old pump organ named 'John', given to him by his Dad.  'It has a beautiful haunting old world sound...' he says. His guitars, Carla says, are like his children - 'you're not really meant to have favourites, but his Jazzmaster is a special one!'.  Brett custom made this particular guitar with the help of his guitar tech. I was so incredibly inspired by the buzzing creative energy of this home, and its talented occupants!  DO check out both their work if you have time - Brett runs Magic Mountain Band, a highly regarded instrumental rock ensemble based in Melbourne. They have just released their debut LP 'Wilderman.'  Brett is also a sought-after session guitarist - one of his many highlights was supporting Fleetwood Mac on their Australia wide tour! Carla studied fine art at RMIT and is a talented drawer, painter and stylist. She has been a finalist in many of Australia's most prestigious Art Prizes including The Archibald Prize, The Sulman Prize, The Black Swan Prize and the Portia Geach Memorial Award for Women painters.  After many requests, she recently she released her very first limited edition print run of works from her sell out exhibition 'Grey' at Tinning Street Gallery earlier this year - they're available to purchase online here! Huge thanks to Carla and Brett for sharing their gorgeous home with us today! Carla-piano
Pictue of John Lennon on the old pump organ. Above hangs Brett's wedding present to Carla – a beautiful textile piece by Nicola Loder. Photograph from Nic Dureau's 'Rhinestone Cowboy' series. Cactus found at an op shop by Carla. Photo - Eve Wilson. Production - Lucy Feagins / The Design Files.
Carla's Black Swan Prize Finalist portrait of Australian actor and film maker Joel Edgerton. Photo - Eve Wilson. Production - Lucy Feagins / The Design Files.
A finalist in the Portia Geach memorial Award for Australian Women Artists, Carla's portrait of Australian Artist Anthony Lister hangs in the kitchen. Old vintage door on trestle legs and Thonet chairs. Vintage Australian tea towel hangs on the stove. 'Accept the Good' poster from Third Drawer Down. Photo - Eve Wilson. Production - Lucy Feagins / The Design Files.
Big chunky cedar wooden gem by Faraway House. Vintage Kantha quilt on arm chair and floor rug from The Family Love Tree. Large artwork by Australian artist Stormie Mills. Indigenous artwork by David Malangi and Minnie Pwerle hang above the skull painting by Carla. Original Kangaroo 'Grey' drawing by Carla. Photo - Eve Wilson. Production - Lucy Feagins / The Design Files.
Minnie Pwerle's 'Women Dreamings' painting sits above Carla's skull painting, titled after an Oscar Wilde quote'If you are not too long, I will wait for here for you the rest of my life'. Photo - Eve Wilson. Production - Lucy Feagins / The Design Files.
Bedroom.  The old French hat stand was Carla's Grandma's. The dream catcher was made by textile artist Eileen Braybrook. Kip + Co bedlinen Linen, laundry basket from The Family Love Tree. Photo - Eve Wilson. Production - Lucy Feagins / The Design Files.
Nani Iro Japanese textile hanging (in place of shower curtain), Kip + Co towel, Phillip Stark Ghost Chair. Photo - Eve Wilson. Production - Lucy Feagins / The Design Files.
Music room.  Kangaroo painting by Carla on the upright Thalburg piano. Some of Brett's guitars and his beloved custom Australian Ulbrick Amplifier. Photo - Eve Wilson. Production - Lucy Feagins / The Design Files.
Brett playing us a tune during our shoot! Photo - Eve Wilson. Production - Lucy Feagins / The Design Files.
Front door.  Dog leads, gumboots, hats and Pendelton towel from Third Drawer Down. Photo - Eve Wilson. Production - Lucy Feagins / The Design Files.

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