BEST OF Australian Homes 2013 · David and Yuge Bromley

Lucy Feagins
Lucy Feagins
31st of December 2013
Artwork, magazines, collected ephemera in the entry hall.  A mix of artwork by David Bromley and Heidi Yardley, timber carving by David Bromley, Gypsy girl painting by an unknown artist in the USA.  Photo - Toby Scott, production - Lucy Feagins / The Design Files.
Looking from entrance hall through to kitchen.  Horse's head from Strange Trader.  Railway light hanging overhead.  Timber and bronze sculptures to the right by David Bromley.  Photo - Toby Scott, production - Lucy Feagins / The Design Files.
Amazing TV room!  Incredible hand painted wall mural by David Bromley.  Quilts by David Bromley (don't forget you can win one of these quilts this week - comment on Monday's post to be in the running!).  'Moon rock' felted cushions from Japan.  Printed Bonnie and Neil cushions from Ahoy Trader.  Photo - Toby Scott, production - Lucy Feagins / The Design Files.
Ok I realise I am sounding like a broken record this week with all my endless superlatives as we re-visit over each of this year's top 10 homes.  Truth be told, highlighting just ten of all the amazing homes I've visited over the past year is kind of like choosing favourites amongst your own children - and when I say 'OH, oh this home one of my all time favourites' I really do mean it - every single time! Having said all that, THIS one truly is one of the most amazing homes I have ever set foot in!  Set in lush Byron Bay, it is, of course, the previous home of artist David Bromley, his wife Yuge, and their baby, Wen.  And, like every space David Bromley touches, it really is the kind of awe-inspiring wonderland that leaves any first time visitor totally visually overwhelmed!  He's good at that. The property, which Bromley had previously held as a weekender, was significantly re-worked when David and Yuge moved here in 2011, turning it into both a functional living and working space.  As serial renovators, David and Yuge are very sensitive to the original charm of the properties they tend to inhabit, and this home is no exception - the decor here has evolved very much organically, and changes made have been cosmetic rather than structural.  The pair have also created an incredible sculpture garden here, filled with David's own work and an ever-growing collection of artwork, vehicles and vintage collectables. As it happens, David and Yuge have recently sold this property and returned to Melbourne... (they don't sit still for long!) so I feel especially lucky to have had the opportunity to capture this very special home just before this restless creative couple moved on to their next challenge...! For the full story and MANY more pics of this incredible eclectic home, do pop back and revisit the original post here.
Painted schoolbus by David Bromley.  Elephant sculpture by Melbourne artist Tom Ripon (Tom has no website but is stocked in Melbourne by The Cool Roomin Balaclava).  Photo - Toby Scott, production - Lucy Feagins / The Design Files.

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