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Lucy Feagins
Lucy Feagins
7th of November 2013
'It is What it is' by Miranda Skoczek, 2013, Oil and enamel on linen, 120cm x 91cm.  From Miranda's upcoming show, 'Historical Panorama', at Edwina Corlette Gallery in Brisbane.
'Rose Flavoured Icecream' by Miranda Skoczek, 2013, Oil, enamel and acrylic on canvas, 153cm x 137cm.
'Double Meanings in Pink' by Miranda Skoczek, 2013, Oil and enamel on linen, 183cm x 152cm.
It's no secret we're huge fans of Melbourne based artist Miranda Skoczek, who is as colourful and engaging in person as the vivid abstract paintings she is known for!  Miranda's latest body of work will be on show next week Brisbane, in an exhibition entitled 'Historical Panorama', at Edwina Corlette Gallery. 'Historical Panorama surveys myriad histories, cultures and symbols' explains Miranda of this latest body of work.  As is so often the case with Miranda's work, these dreamlike paintings employ a mix of abstract and figurative elements, combining loose, intuitive brushstrokes with more precise and familiar shapes and forms.  'It's a show of opposites' says Miranda.  'Opulence and reverie are paramount, with a focus on the positive, the beautiful and the good'. 'Generally, everything and anything is of influence, but most notably a focus on the decorative arts, and the history of image making, across cultures and time, and both high and low art' says Miranda of the contrasting cultural references which have influenced these works.   'My practice is an appropriative one, sampling and remixing iconographies with elements of design and mark making, one big beautiful mess (I hope)'. Historical Panorama has been about six months in the making for Miranda, who works very intuitively and finds it very difficult to answer practical questions about her process, such as 'how long does one painting take!?'.  'Ah, the million dollar question!' she says.  'Impossible to know as I never pay attention to 'practical' things like that, but mostly because I always have several paintings on the go. My pictures are built up/layered, I don't always work 'wet on wet' so there is always drying time between each layer. Also, it varies considerably from painting to painting'. Historical Panorama by Miranda Skoczek opens next Tuesday at Edwina Corlette Gallery in Brisbane.  We'll also have a selection of Miranda's smaller works on paper, framed in her signature acrylic frames at TDF Open House later this month! Historical Panorama by Miranda Skoczek Open from 12 to 30 November Edwina Corlette Gallery 555 Brunswick St New Farm, QLD
'Flower Snake Flower' by Miranda Skoczek, 2013, Oil and enamel on canvas, 183cm x 122cm.
'17thC Damask with Polka Dots' by Miranda Skoczek, 2013, Oil and enamel on linen, 120cm x 91cm.

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