Magic Mayo

Raph Rashid of Beatbox Kitchen
Raph Rashid of Beatbox Kitchen
29th of January 2013
OK so there have been a few requests this month for Raph's AMAZING and top secret 'Stereo Sauce' recipe.  (If you have visited Beatbox Kitchen in Melbourne you will know why...!). This is NOT a recipe for Stereo Sauce. That is a very closely guarded trade secret...! HOWEVER, Raph did create this delicious 'Magic Mayo' by way of consolation for all you burger fiends out there... a slightly different take on this classic creamy condiment, and the perfect partner for a juicy burger and fries. YUMMM it is equally delicious, and takes literally 2 minutes to make. THANKS RAPH, we're gonna miss you, we have loved having you this month! – Lucy
No one makes a burger like Raph Rashid!  Here he is about to take a chomp out of a home-grilled burger slathered with 'Magic Mayo'!  Photo - Sean Fennesy.
There are only a couple of movies that I have ever returned to the cinema to see twice, The Dark Crystal was one and Pulp Fiction was the other. The year was 1994 and the way Tarantino worked the elements of food into Pulp Fiction had a profound affect on my cooking and desire for cheeseburgers - only sometimes for breakfast though! Jules' disgust at the thought of having mayo on fries was the first time I had ever thought about mayo as a condiment. I was intrigued. We never really had it growing up, but I quickly became acquainted with it, even sussing out that I loved Best Foods mayo over the Kraft version any day. It's easy to make too, and you can take the citrus levels up with lemon or lime depending how you like it.


1 cup whole egg mayo (Raph recommends 'Best Foods' mayo). 1 dill pickle roughly chopped 1 teaspoon of cayenne pepper squeeze of lemon
'Magic Mayo' ingredients.  Photo - Sean Fennesy.


This recipe is super easy, as the only thing you literally have to do is mix all the ingredients together and you're finished. If you're down to make a burger, hit your local butcher and pick up some minced chuck steak. Portion your burgers relative to your buns remembering that they will shrink a bit, seriously though no one wants a whole bunch of bread and small pattie. Grill your burgers to your liking with a good sprinkle of sea salt, I always like to cook to medium rare and I treat the burger with the same respect I give a steak. This sauce is a good base, but if you like things a bit sweeter try adding some tomato sauce. Happy slathering!
'Magic Mayo' and super fresh burger ingredients.  Photo - Sean Fennesy.
THANKS RAPH for sharing your salsa secrets with us this month!  If you're in Melbourne, you can sample Raph's fast, flavourful food at either Beatbox Kitchen and Taco Truck, across Melbourne at various locations!

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