Peach, Moscato and Raspberry Pop

Aja & Bianca Shanahan of Liana Raine
Aja & Bianca Shanahan of Liana Raine
25th of December 2012
HAPPY CHRISTMAS!  If you are reading this on Christmas Day then you are AMAZING.  Now we wouldn't usually post on Christmas Day... but as it just happens to be a TUESDAY today, we figured it would be a shame not to share our final installment from Liana Raine on this festive occasion!  Today's Peach, Moscato and Raspberry Poptail is, in fact, the perfect pop for Christmas fun times - full of fresh summer fruit, and a dash of sparkling sweet Moscato for the grown ups!  BIG THANKS once again to Aja and Bianca of Liana Raine for joining us all this month... I must say I am super sad to see them go! - Lucy
Peach, Moscato and Raspberry Pop recipe by Liana Raine.  Photo – Phu Tang.  Styling – Gemma Lush.
Okay ladies, this one is for you. At last we present a Poptail – a fruit-filled thrill on a stick! This is a pop-take on the famous Bellini cocktail, with a few Liana Raine stripes and fresh fruit morsels to add some extra character. We've combined fresh peaches (which require a bit of patience to peel), with a raspberry coulis stripe, and finished off with a fresh raspberry, encased in a tipple of Moscato champagne. Eaten in bits – delicious. Eaten as one – delightfully delinquent. Now some technicalities regarding boozy pops - neither sugar nor alcohol are easy to freeze, so when creating a boozy pop you must choose a drink with a low alcohol to volume percentage, and watch the amount of sugar syrup you add!
Peach and raspberries.  Photo – Phu Tang.  Styling – Gemma Lush.


300g peaches (peeled and stones removed) 390ml sugar syrup 120ml sparkling Moscato wine 15g frozen raspberries 10 fresh raspberries (This recipe assumes you will use a domestic pop mold with 10 individual molds at 85ml each).


Put peaches and 300ml of sugar syrup into blender and puree until smooth and velvety. In a separate bowl, mix moscato and 80ml of the sugar syrup. Defrost the frozen raspberries and mix with remaining syrup, pressing the raspberries with the back of a fork to make a coulis. Strain out the seeds if you wish. Drop a fresh raspberry into the tip of each mold ensuring that it falls right to the tip of each mold. Fill the tip of each pop mold with the moscato mix so it covers the raspberry. Place in the freezer and leave to freeze until the top of the moscato mix has formed a frozen skin. Pour over a small amount of the raspberry coulis to form a thin red line around the pop. Return to freezer until set. Finally, fill the molds with the peach mixture, insert sticks and return to the freezer overnight or until frozen rock solid. To remove the pops, quickly immerse the molds into a bowl of warm water to help release the pops.

Sugar syrup

For all our popsicle recipes this month, please refer to the simple sugar syrup recipe below. Boil 1 cup of raw sugar in 2 cups of water until the sugar dissolves, and leave to cool. This will make more than you need for any one recipe - store additional syrup in the fridge for your next popsicle-making session! Liana Raine pops can be found at various stockists across Sydney, and their sweet little pop cart can be found everyday over summer at The Sydney Opera House!  They also cater weddings and events - for more info visit the Liana Raine website.

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