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Jenny Butler
Jenny Butler
27th of June 2012

As a podcast lover, I was really (REALLY!) looking forward to seeing Brendan's list of favourite podcasts and boy has he delivered! Admittedly I hadn't listened to any of these until this week but they are all fantastic - Richard Fiedler, you officially have competition on my iPhone! - Jenny x

Photos – Sean Fennessy, styling – Lucy Feagins / Brendan McKnight.

I was big into podcasts a few years back in a weirdly obsessive-addictive kind of way, audibly absorbing as much information as I possibly could. Science / pop culture / current affairs / whatever, I wanted it all. That obsession dropped off a little while ago, but now seems to be back and currently I'm listening to podcasts more than I am to music (with the aid of my handsome aiaiai pipe headphones, pictured above).

My commute to work is about an hour door-to-door so there is plenty of listening time. I subscribe to a bunch of international podcasts, but (sheepishly) I only discovered ABC's Radio National a few months ago, so I thought I would share my current top four RN favourites:

Photos – Sean Fennessy, styling – Lucy Feagins / Brendan McKnight.

Clockwise from top left -

Common Knowledge - Common Knowledge is RN's weekly look at 'culture, the Zeitgeist and stuff'. Examining the week in popular culture, recent topics include discussions on Girls (my new favourite TV show), Lindy Chamberlain's transformation through media attention, and how males are portrayed on Australian television. A light and lovely listen to start the day.

Late Night Live - Confession time: I just did some googling and found out I'm two decades late jumping on the Late Night Live bandwagon. Phillip Adams has been presenting the show for 20 years now. Crikey. From arts and culture to world events and people, it's perfect for a late night listen. Last Monday night's show included a history of Swedish sex, and the life and times of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz author, L. Frank Baum. What a super combo.

Download this Show - A little (a lot) geeky, Download this Show takes a look at the week in all things digital and buzzwordy like digital politics and hacktivism. I normally cringe at things like this, but for some reason, I keep on listening. It's quite a good one to be kept up to speed with what's going on in the tech world. This podcast is hosted by 'that movie guy' Marc Fennell who I have a love/hate relationship with. I like him in this role.

By Design - Hosted by the lovely Fenella Kenebone, By Design explores how design reflects and creates social change, and speaks to the creative thinkers and doers that take our world forward. Perhaps a tad too architecture skewed for my tastes, but still one of my faves.

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