Clemens Habicht's Faces of France - Plage

Jenny Butler
Jenny Butler
13th of June 2012

Clemens Habicht has a fantastic online portfolio with a collection of his work, be sure to check it out and watch his film work too - I was surprised to see how much of his work I'd already seen and loved!  Of course with this much talent, Clemens is represented in Australia by The Jacky Winter Group. - Jenny x

Plage ‘Faces of France’ Illustration by Clemens Habicht

Up in the North of France the coastline of Normandy is really flat - The French go there, but it isn't a beach, it just isn't. It's a long flat expanse of sand leading into a long flat expanse of cold salty water. I went once on a grand detour to see a massive kite festival - when I had heard about it, I had visions of grand box kites and kite sculptures, only to be confronted with a place of grey depression and a sky dotted with sad rainbow coloured nylon.

- Clemens

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