Clemens Habicht's Faces of France - Fille Carte Postale

Jenny Butler
Jenny Butler
14th of June 2012

This week Clemens Habicht is bringing us a 'Face of France' each day - a character created from an old anonymous photo. If you are lucky enough to be heading over to Paris, maybe you could make the time to visit Paris' best kept secret and seller of old photos - Marche des Enfants Rouge. I would! - Jenny x

Fille Carte Postale ‘Faces of France’ Illustration by Clemens Habicht

This one is a little clown. Near where I first lived when I had my first very flat of my own in Paris, there is a permanent circus called the Cirque d'hiver which is a building that resembles a little circus tent and has non-stop circuses. I'm not necessarily saying it's a good thing but what other city would have that? Due to it's permanence there is a little cafe a few doors down that a retired clown opened - when my Mum came to visit it was her favourite haunt, hanging out with clowns. The retired clown serves the bar and his nose is big and round.

- Clemens

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