Carryology - Some Things We'd Love To Carry

Jenny Butler
Jenny Butler
7th of June 2012

When I think 'carry', I think just bags. Maybe it's because I really love bags and Carryology have got me a bit bag bonkers this week?! The dudes at Carryology continue to open my eyes and share some of the things outside the bag world they would love to carry. All of them are awesome, of course! -Jenny x

For all our carry optimisation and geekery, there are some things that slip straight past any rational justification. These are just really nice things that would be really nice to carry. We don’t own them, but we do like the idea of them

Hankie Pocketbook uses the best word in the world (Hankie) and a bit of fun to make a notebook that you can carry with pride.

The Kenton Sorensen iPad portfolio is really quite expensive, but it also nails the basics and adds a sweet little tie detail. Simple carry done really well.

Left- Kong Whiplock bike lock and Right - Long Live Alfred #6 single Key Holder

We love the idea of bike locks that can be worn, and the Knog Whiplock takes this idea to a jewellery-like presentation. Knog are a Melbourne based brand reinventing lights and locks for a global audience. The Long Live Alfred #6 key holder only holds one key. But it’s pretty incredibly elegant in the way it does that one very simple job.

A firewood basket from Joe Hogan. Yeah, we’ve never seen one in the flesh, but we’ve certainly drooled over his approach to unique carry pieces.

- Carryology x

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