Sonia Rentsch : Dictionary of a Still Life Stylist - Sketch

Jenny Butler
Jenny Butler
7th of May 2012

This week we are SO EXCITED to welcome Sonia Rentsch to the Guest Blog. After falling head over heels in love with all of Sonia's work, some of which we featured in an interview with her earlier in the year, we are very chuffed that Sonia has created this very beautiful series - 'Dictionary of a Still Life Stylist' just for TDF! Thank you Sonia! - Jenny x

Hi there. Welcome to a week with me! I usually let my work do the speaking so this is a fun challenge. Where to begin?

sketch n

1. A drawing or painting that is done quickly without concern for detail. 2. A quick comic routine or piece of acting that is part of a variety show or comedy revue. 3. A short written or spoken account that conveys just a general outline or idea, with little detail. 4. A short, often descriptive, piece of writing.

Image styled by Sonia Rentsch, photograph by Willem-Dirk du Toit, photo re-touching by CHE, shot at  Shoot Me Productions studio, with assistance from Eleanor Jackson and Aleksandra Nedeljkovic.

Typically, when I start a project it’s just me and a cup of tea, a few objects and a basic idea. A sketch.

Since back in my student days, I’ve erased my sketches one after the other without care. I would ignore the lecturers and students alike who reminded me they were important reference points worth holding onto. I like to erase, it gives me a fresh vantage point to start again minus distraction - liberated from what came before.

This idea started initially with a full set of colour pencils. I began by laying out patterns, then a rainbow (obvious) and a self portrait (sadly it bore much likeness to Angelica Houston in Witches). I fiercely sliced my thumb later that day which put me to pondering how important my hands are to my job. An idea is sketchy until it becomes real. Or sometimes until it simply makes sense.

A light bulb moment.

See you tomorrow?

- Sonia x

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