Rachel Castle - Things To Do with Orders (& Emma!)

Jenny Butler
Jenny Butler
24th of April 2012

After such a warm welcome yesterday Rachel Castle is back again with another fabulous post, today with her assistant Emma. Looks like these ladies have a LOT of fun while sorting out all the incoming and outgoing Castle orders! -Jenny x

Morning again bloggers, how exciting to be with you again. And its Tuesday, and Tuesday means one thing and one thing only. ORDERS.

Thing to do #1

Rachel and Emma - busy in the studio!

Tuesday is equally as exciting as Monday because Emma comes. Emma wrote me an email asking if I had any work, and SOUND THE TRUMPETS we have never looked back. Depending on what's going on, Emma helps with everything from unpacking the bedlinen boxes, to cutting up felt, to running to the artshop for paper, to sourcing cottons for my embroideries. Anything. She is so nice, SO NICE, that I can honestly say I love her. Here we are getting ready on a Tuesday to do all the orders.

Firstly though I make her listen to this song, it makes me cry but she just looks away embarrassed and rolls her eyes... so LOVE her!

James Blake - A Case Of You (Joni Mitchell cover)

Thing to do #2

I said to Emma when we first met 'bedlinen will drive you NUTS so I am handballing re-ordering to you'. She laughed and asked 'how hard can it be?'. Well, lets start with a stocktake, work out whats missing, get the cutsups from our supplier, send them to the printer, brief the printer, send them back to the maker, then up to us in Sydney. Dead easy. Today we have a full stock of everything, look there is enough bedlinen to sink a ship.

Our shelves all perfectly stacked, bountiful with stock. We breathe on fist and rub on chest, then high five one another.

Oh great, an order, let's see what it is. Oh it's a Double Flower Flat Sheet, lets go to shelf, where are they?  None. Not one. Not a single wisp of one. This calls for a big fat juicy swear word, of the FRUITIEST variety. No matter what you order, how much stock you have, there will always be 10 kings and no queens. Don't ask. Emma agrees, bedlinen does drive you NUTS.

Things to do #3

Sucked in Emma you have to go to the Post Office. Our post office people are Janet and Sam and Le. They let us come in the back door and park in their special carpark. Before I used to live at the Post Office, now Emma lives at the Post Office. Here are the fruits of today's labour - thank you customers, you make us busy, happy, joyful little beavers.

Things to do #4

Clean up. What a fun job. Here are some of our trade tools and the mess we make.

Some of the scenes of Castle HQ (the tassels, my god, the tassels!!)

Thing to do #5

Say goodbye to The Design Filers. Over and out, bye Emms.

- Rachel x

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