The Richmond Weekender

Lucy Feagins
Lucy Feagins
8th of March 2012
The Richmond Weekender!  Photos -  Martina Gemmola.

Soooo there is just way too much going on in Melbourne this week, which demands TWO POSTS IN ONE DAY.  Who has TIME for this?  Seriously :)

ANYWAY it would be negligent of me not to run this post because The Richmond Weekender is a fabulous idea which y'all should know about... The clever team at Right Angle Studio have been commissioned to run a series of inspired pop-up events in the old Channel 9 television studios in Richmond.  The immense GENIUS of this concept, is that it's been commissioned by Lend Lease, who have plans to develop the site, and are keen on celebrating the nostalgia of the building and heritage facade (which will be retained when the site is developed in 34 sure-to-be-amazing apartments and townhouses).

The Richmond Weekender comprises events and activities every weekend during March - sadly I missed the Homemakers Market last weekend (pic below), but do pop in to check out the very awesome Graham Canteen (run by Collingwood cafe Cavallero) and Speakeasy pop-up Cinema!  The spaces looks SUPER amazing, having been re-worked by Foolscap Studio and designers Adele Winteridge, Linda Raimondo and Kate Archibald.

All info is on the very cool Richmond Weekender website (love the design of this site!).  Another seriously sexy website worth checking out is the Studio Nine website which outlines the plans for the building re-development.

The Richmond Weekender 22 Bendigo st Richmond

Every Saturday and Sunday til March 31st
The Richmond Weekender - Graham Canteen and The Homemakers Market.  Photos -  Martina Gemmola.

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