Style & Grace - Scarf Dress

Jenny Butler
Jenny Butler
15th of March 2012

Have you ever seen anything as adorable as Gemma in today's scarf dress?! Layered scarfs and a cute belt (all from Grace Boutique) is such an effective idea, I hope to see this around town in the coming months! - Jenny x

Photo - Lucy Feagins

We were chatting to Lucy about accessorising which of course led to a discussion on scarves which are - hands down - our favourite accessory!   As you know from yesterday, we love a print, we adore colour, and scarves are such a great way to bring both of these elements to your wardrobe.   They are a great (& cost effective!) way to transform any old outfit and the warmth and cosiness they provide cannot be forgotten!  We love a practical fashion statement!

Too cute Gemma!! Photo - Lucy Feagins

When it came to picking our favourite scarves, we couldn't narrow down the selection! So Gemma had some fun, piled them on, secured them with a very cute belt and we had a good laugh! Seriously how cute does she look?!!

Scarves from Epice and Virginia Johnson. Gemma also wears Grace Ocelot belt and Dannijo Stingray cuff. - Georgia and Ilana x

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