New Guest Blog - 'Good Looking Things' with Luci Everett

Lucy Feagins
Lucy Feagins
20th of February 2012
This week on the Guest Blog Luci Everett shares a week of 'Good looking things next to each other!'

This week we are SUPER EXCITED to share with you one of the most random yet beautiful Guest Blogs you will ever see on TDF - a stunning week of assemblage with Melbourne illustrator / designer Luci Everett!

We have loved Luci's work for a long long time... I know I say this about everyone, but TRULY Luci is such an incredibly talented local creative! you might recall her beautiful illustration, band posters and sweet blog which we have mentioned here once or twice before.  If you haven't checked it out recently do pop by her website - such truly beautiful work.

This week Luci has put together 5 beautiful collections for us, and has quirkily entitled this series - 'Good looking things next to each other'! Each work is a treasured collection of bits and pieces Luci has collected over time - from trinkets to paper to printed matter and pretty garden-picked flowers, all artfully arranged for your viewing pleasure!

As Friday's interview taught us, there really is a unique art to the perfect placement of seemingly random objects - and just like Sonia Rentsch, Luci E certainly shares this very special gift!

Massive thanks to Luci for her stellar work this week - do pop over to the Guest Blog each day to admire her 'Good looking things' and very entertaining words!

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