In the Garden with The Little Veggie Patch Co - How to Propagate Peas

Jenny Butler
Jenny Butler
28th of February 2012

After learning how to create an Apple Crate Garden yesterday, today Mat and Fabian teach us an easy (and kid friendly!) method of propagating veggies from seeds. We also have 10 copies of The Little Veggie Patch Co. book to giveaway thanks to Macmillian - simply leave a comment before 10pm on Thursday 1st March to be in the draw! - Jenny x

Today, propagating seeds is your opportunity to feel gardener-like and resourceful. Not only that, but as people of science, we are no doubt using seeds from the previous year’s harvest and evolving our crops further. Charles would be proud! Don’t bother with your gardening gloves, this will only take a minute or two.

How to Propagate Peas

  • toilet roll tubes
  • seed-raising mix
  • 50–100 pea seeds
  • watering can (with fan spray)

Seeds can be grown in trays, either outside, indoors or in a greenhouse. When using such small quantities of soil or compost, it is a good idea to moisten the soil before sowing to prevent the seeds from washing away during their first watering. Another trick is to cover the trays with dampened sheets of newspaper after sowing, thus retaining the moisture and keeping the soil temperature constant.

1. Cut the toilet roll tubes in half and place on a tray.

2. Fill the tubes with seed-raising mix and firm down gently. 3. Water the mix to ensure all ingredients are moist and, using the tip of your index finger, create a hole in each tube to a depth of 2–3 cm. 4. Place 2 pea seeds in each hole.

5. Sprinkle more seed-raising mix into the tubes and gently firm down.

6. Water thoroughly with a fan spray. The seeds shouldn’t require further watering until germination, unless conditions are particularly warm. 7. Once the seeds have germinated, you may need to thin them out so that only one seedling remains in each cell. Do this by gently removing the excess seedling. 8. After 2–3 weeks, your seedlings will be ready to be planted in their designated spot in the veggie garden, toilet roll tubes and all. - Mat and Fabian

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