Good Looking Things Next To Each Other with Luci Everett - Small Inconsequential Objects

Jenny Butler
Jenny Butler
22nd of February 2012

Another fascinating day with Luci Everett and her gathering of small inconsequential objects. I wish Luci would come around to my house and arrange all the little piles of dust gathering bits and pieces so beautifully!! -Jenny x

This collection is a good example of how I'm actually more child than adult. I know I'm certainly not the only one to keep more trinkets* than one needs, but mine are particularly questionable. 1.5 cm high woven basket? Silver glitter pipe cleaner in heart shape formation? Really Luci?

The thing about possessing small inconsequential objects is that it's the most efficient means to collect dust. If you want to really make a lot of dust settle in a short period of time, make sure you get your hands on a 1.5 cm high woven basket, several tiny floral plates, some vintage glass bottles varying between 3-8 cm in size, a few tiny ceramic bunnies and a heart shaped tin mould that you will never use to mould anything with. It's an incredible phenomenon.

- Luci x

* I actually dislike the word 'trinket' probably even more than I dislike that moment when you think you're going to sneeze and you don't.

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