Good Looking Things Next To Each Other with Luci Everett - Printed Matter

Jenny Butler
Jenny Butler
23rd of February 2012

All things printed matter are on the agenda for Luci Everett today. Luci has a wonderful portfolio full of printed matter that she designed and illustrated on her website, do pop over and have a look! (I especially love these gig posters- you are too clever Luci!!) -Jenny x

If you're a graphic designer/creative sort in Melbourne you've either seen or picked up most of this stuff. Which is a little like how I felt at the lovely Diamonds in the Rough exhibition by Studio Pip & Co. at Lamington Drive a little while ago, although it's a good reminder of the substantial gems existing in an otherwise sea of convoluted visual despair. Stuff like this resides in another large old suitcase, like my paper, and works on rotational display on my wall space. It usually inspires me no end, although very occasionally, in immense artistic frustration, I'll flip. 'I freaking HATE stunning riso printed flyers in gut wrenchingly beautiful colours. Turquoise, burnt orange, what the hell, stop it!' Then I'll rip the piece of the wall and stomp on it in a fierce irrational rage. It helps me feel like a true artist.

- Luci x

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