Good Looking Things Next To Each Other with Luci Everett - Flowery Bits

Jenny Butler
Jenny Butler
21st of February 2012

Today Luci Everett has gathered a collection of Flowery Bits! As funny and as beautiful as it sounds, Luci gives us an insight into her love of flowers. For more fun and flowers be sure to visit Luci's blog here. -Jenny x

I'm a little bit obsessed with flowers, but you can hardly call my three sad sprigs of rosemary a garden. For the purposes of this collection I was bold enough to go all horti-thief on my neighbourhood and pinch a few sneaky brights from senior citizens who actually know how to not kill things. (I didn't take your roses, I do have a soul.)

When I actually receive a fresh bunch of flowers, I'm so desperate to capture the delight forever that my inevitable thought process leads to 'I can dry them! I'll let them dry and keep them and use them for stuff!' This means that there are bunches of indistinguishable shrivelled organic matter around my desk, uselessly dropping fragments of themselves all over my life.

Flowers are ridiculously beautiful. Dry them in moderation, that's all I'm saying.

- Luci x

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