A Week Inside The Hungry Workshop - The Grand Reveal!

Jenny Butler
Jenny Butler
10th of February 2012

Today is THE DAY!! The Hungry Workshop have been working hard all week to create a Design Files inspired greeting card and here it is! Thank YOU very much Jenna and Simon- we are completely blown away by this gorgeous card and by your fantastic week of Guest Blogging! Congratulations to Robyn (comment #92) who won The Hungry Workshop greeting card prize pack. You can buy your very own Thank You Very Much card from The Hungry Workshop webstore here. - Jenny x

So, what is it exactly that we have been working on? When we decided to use The Design Files as inspiration for a card, one of the first things that sprang to mind was ‘thank you’. A thank you to Lucy and Jenny for filling our Inbox every morning with all sorts of amazing design from across Australia and for inviting us onto the Guest Blog. And it’s also for you, readers, thank you for letting us into your lives and thank you for coming with us on our little journey this week.

You may also notice that our card is full of familiar words and phrases that are pretty common (and often in all caps) here on The Design Files!

If you have your own thank you’s to say, the card is available in our online shop.

And, as a thank you to all of you, we’re giving away a special pack of all of our letterpress cards to this weeks Guest Blog winner, congratulations Robyn! We hope you enjoy the ‘Thank you very much’ card, all three Valentine’s Day cards and a whole set of Flanno cards!

Thank you very, very, very much!

- Jenna & Simon x

p.s. If you would like to learn more about letterpress, and perhaps get your very own set of ink covered knuckles, we would very much recommend getting in touch with Carolyn Fraser.

p.p.s. If you’d like to hear more about what we get up to in the workshop (and some upcoming open days) make sure to check us out on Facebook.

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