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Jenny Butler
Jenny Butler
17th of February 2012

After a fabulous week of flowers, we must farewell Amy of Wunderplant. Thank you Amy for sharing these inspired posies each day!! For more gorgeous work by Wunderplant be sure to check out their website here. Thanks again Amy! - Jenny x

No garden to pick from?, No worries! Our urban environment is riddled with secluded laneways that run the back of properties. A meander down just one of these lane ways will find a flower hunter an array of interesting plant life that escapes from under and over backyard fences. Today the sunshine was pounding on the cobbled stones, with snips in my back pocket and basket in hand I couldn’t resist a sneaky trawl….

And what a collection I find! Weeds and parsley flowers- gone to seed, pesky grasses of fabulous whimsy, bleached pink blooms from an all consuming vine and an erupting peppercorn tree!!

On return to the studio, this mornings market bought yellow daffodils, sitting patiently in their vessel were a perfect companion to the yellow bell flowers of an innocuous weed.  All nestled into the perfect hanging Wunderplant Living Vases and adorning the walls of the studio!

- Amy x

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