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Positive Posts with Letitia Buchan - Fear Not The Spider...

24th January, 2012
Jenny Butler
Tuesday 24th January 2012

As part of Letitia's Guest Blog this week, she is offering 2 of her signed A3 prints to giveaway (you can see the lovely works here)! All you need to do is leave a comment on any of Letitia's posts this week before 10pm Thursday 26th of Jan. The 2 winners will be drawn at random and announced on Friday. Thanks Letitia! -Jenny x

Fear not the Spider, the bite is in your mind.  Or in my mind, shall I say?  It's always my imagination that keeps me up at night, I imagine lovely things like colour palettes, design hotels, typography, luxury homewares I can't afford!  But I also imagine horrendous terrible scenarios too!   My imagination - what a gift and a curse!

Last week I found myself at the emergency ward of the Alfred getting x-rays and tests for something quite unusual. My imagination was running wild, panic mode. The thought of the worst case scenario was so overpowering. The fear of 'what if'. I will not let that spider scare me again, because, hypothetically speaking - 99% of the time it won't bite!

The point is, don’t let your fears ever overcome you, or take control over you.  Trust life and empower yourself.

- Letitia x

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