Positive Posts with Letitia Buchan - Anything Is Possible

Jenny Butler
Jenny Butler
25th of January 2012

What a motivating message from Letitia today- Anything Is Possible!! Letitia has a fantastic website featuring her archives of work, everything is so beautiful that it's easy to get completely absorbed! Also, Letitia has limited edition prints available for sale though her blog here. -Jenny x

Wednesdays, happy Wednesdays!

Hump day and we need to be reminded Anything Is Possible. This is particularly true if you have just written a mammoth list of goals, dreams and desires for the new and wonderful 2012! Trying to save money for that fabulous holiday or home; or attempting to quit the caffeine! I know I need reminding of this everyday, because why wouldn't 'anything' be possible you put your mind to! I joined a boxing gym three months ago, and have been only twice. I also need to redesign my website! And in reality, if I want to collaborate with an amazing super duper designer – I believe it can happen too!

It really is so simple and so true IF you believe it. Happy goal achieving!

- Letitia x

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