Heather Nette King and Family

Lucy Feagins
Lucy Feagins
18th of January 2012

The Armadale home of interiors stylist Heather Nette King and family

Vintage poster from  Vintage Posters on High Street Armadale.  Love that FAB pink bentwood bench… pink and green, what a combo.

Master bedroom – the painting was Heather’s Christmas gift from Jem and the girls – ‘after I layed on the hints with a trowel’ says Heather! It’s called ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’ and is by the gorgeous Melbourne artist Arite Kannavos through Gilligan Grant Gallery.  Pillowcases from Scarlet Jones.

Today we present a vibrant Victorian family home in Armadale – full of life, colour, and, well – PINK!

Yes, it’s no secret that Heather Nette King, respected local interiors stylist (we interviewed Heather last year) has a thing for bold, sometimes quirky colour combos – and a particular love of pinky, girly hues! Heather lives here with husband Jeremy and daughters Annebelle (14) and Alex (12) – it seems with three ladies in the house, Jeremy is a little outnumbered!

After buying the house in 2000, Heather and Jeremy undertook just a few minor tasks to pretty up their new home without breaking the bank – they ripped up the carpet, polished the floorboards, painted the walls and installed wardrobes. The pool is a more recent addition – the family spent four years in Sydney from 2005 – 2009, and Jeremy, a little sad to come home, was compelled to install a pool upon their return to Melbourne!

Inevitably Heather’s work means she is constantly stumbling across new ideas for their ever-changing home… she re-paints the kitchen floor regularly (it’s deep pink at the moment), and props acquired from shoots and creative friends are always on rotation throughout the house. Annebelle’s room was painted with amazing wide horizontal stripes for a Dulux shoot last year – they had planned to re-paint the wall white, but of course Annebelle loved the stripes, so they stayed!  Gotta love that sense of spontenaity – such is the nature of a stylist’s home!

When asked what she loves most about her home, Heather says she has a soft spot for the ‘kookiness’ of the house – ‘it’s on an odd shaped block and the layout is a bit rabbit-warren-y, but it has a very relaxed, almost country-like feeling to it’ she says. The return verandah around the front and side of the house is another favourite feature.

Massive thanks to Heather for sharing her beautiful home with us and for the super speedy turnaround! Do pop over and check out Heather’s gorgeous blog if you haven’t got it bookmarked already, and you can also spot Heather’s fab house / product shoots most weekends in The Age’s Sunday Life and M Magazine!

Dining room.  Painting above fireplace (oil and sashiko stitching) – Heather’s most beloved possession!  A present for Heather’s 40th Birthday.  It’s called ‘Alice and Shelley’ by Edwina Lye and Brian Simmons. The table was Jeremy’s parents, we inherited it when we first moved in together one hundred years ago. Every time I think about replacing it I think of the conversations it has heard and I get all sentimental and keep it’ – Heather.  Awwww!

Painting – ‘Alice and Shelley’ by Edwina Lye and Brian Simmons, oil paint and sashiko stitching.

‘I love collecting old trophies and most of these are from the 1930s and 40s’ says Heather.  ‘It’s kinda sad how they have been tossed out along the way, after they were once such a source of pride!’

Dining room details.  Gold tea set from an opp shop, chandelier light from Freedom. (!!!)

Love the country style kitchen!

Sweet girly kitchen details. Love print by Jennifer Ramos Made By Girl, Quilt girl in green frame from, fabric in embroidery hoop from Shannon Lamden / Aunty Cookie.

Don’t talk to me about white balance.  The floor is PINK (Dulux Lickedy Lick, to be more accurate).

Annebelle’s super gorgeous girly bedroom!  Iron bed bought on ebay, Love cushions from Lush Lampshades in London.  This room was used as a location for a Dulux shoot Heather styled last year.  The striped were painted on for that shoot – Annebelle loved them so they stayed!  Pink heart cushion is from Heather’s pal Salvation Jane!

Chanel print purchased from Tarlo and Graham. Patricia Urquiola Frilly chair from Space floorstock sale!

A sneaky shot of gorgeous Heather – busy preparing for a shoot on the day of my visit! Vintage Casala chair from The Junk Company.

Sugar the cat guarding the front door!  Cats always know when you’re taking a picture.

Pool!  This is as Sydney as Melbourne gets I reckon.  Love it.

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