Taking Time with Tiel of Tsk Tsk - Collecting Nature

Jenny Butler
Jenny Butler
12th of December 2011

This week we welcome Tiel Seivl-Keevers to the Guest Blog! Tiel is one of our favourite Australian artists and bloggers and we're so chuffed that Tiel will be blogging with us all week, sharing some of the things that inspire her and her artwork. It's going to be a lovely week, thanks so much Tiel! - Jenny x

I’m obsessed with looking closely at natural and organic shapes. Plant life that is, not overweight men at the beach.

I’m a collector, but not a keeper. I mean I keep what I collect for a period of time until I’m bored with it. I pick flowers, put them into vases, forget to add water and watch how they change. Leaves can shrivel and curl, petals will fall and I love how their oldness becomes new. It’s something I try to capture in my paintings and illustrations.

Vegetables and fruit can have the same beauty. The purple leaves of an onion, the seeds in a pomegranate, the shapes of freshly cut shallots.

The structural elements of plants amaze me. So complex, yet so simple.

- Tiel x

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