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Overhearing with Oslo Davis - Mulgrave, je t'aime

8th December, 2011
Jenny Butler
Thursday 8th December 2011

Today we go on a tour of Mulgrave with Oslo and his wife! There are 4 parts of the 'Mulgrave, je t'aime' series that Oslo features today, we've included part 1 so go over and check out the full series on Oslo's website here- it is laugh out loud funny!! -Jenny x

I've never been good at doing longer comics; I'm no storyteller and I don't have that many ideas that could run beyond a few pages.

But a short while back I did do a longer cartoon which ran in Meanjin. It was titled 'Mulgrave, je t'aime', and was ostensibly about my wife and I getting lost in the suburbs. We actually went out to the streets of Mulgrave to take photos for the cartoon (although most of the bickering was made up).

There are 4 parts to the Mulgrave, je t'aime series and you and see all 4 of them here on my website.

- Oslo

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