2011 Christmas Wishlists - Megan Morton

Lucy Feagins
Lucy Feagins
20th of December 2011
Megan Morton's  inspired Christmas Wishlist!

This year once again the effortlessly stylish Megan Morton joins us with another inspired Christmas Wishlist!

I think basically no one is more qualified to edit a Christmas Wishlist than Megan Morton.  Seeing as MM's whole job basically entails hunting out gorgeousness and fossicking in Sydney's loveliest retail stores almost everyday, she is certainly no stranger to whipping up the most covetable list of giftable goodies!   With her finger firmly on the pulse of all that is new and beautiful in the magical land of retail, Megan is always well prepared to rattle off  a summary of her most recent favourite new finds at any given opportunity!

MM's eclectic round-up here generously encompasses her own most coveted items, plus a few top picks for her nearest and dearest.  And as she's is an avid animal lover, August the dog is catered for too!

Massive thanks to MM for her unique edit of gifts for the season - I hope you are inspired by some of these unique selections!

Megan Morton's Christmas Wishlist

"Now, Christmas gifts easy to muster, there are SOOOO many nice things. Its like they wait until we are all weary and nearing the end of the year and then, boom! so many beautiful things. But this year I do beg you to spend on real things as well as charitable ones.  When spoiling your loved ones this season, I urge you also to support those who do not enjoy the creature comforts of four walls, with a donation to The Salvation Army or The Smith Family Christmas Appeal.  You can donate online and it's tax deductible, which can't be said for a lot of the things I have post-it noted for gifting myself!"- MM

1. Signed Pointe Shoes from the The Australian Ballet - $30.00 for Corps de Ballet dancers to $150.00 per pair for Principal Artists pre-loved performance shoes.

"Is this not the nicest up-cycled gift ever?  For little Lucinda's in the making" - MM.

2. Leather Turban by Jen South for the Summer - from $65.

"A leather turban is something that you wouldn't normally buy yourself, unless of course, it was on your to-buy list. These are great gifts as they are post-able to friends far away as well as a welcome change for unruly hair to plastic bands. Some days you get up and think, What AM I doing?!?! And then, you pop your leather turban on and all of a sudden, things fall into place" - MM.

Wise words, MM, wide words. :)

3. Gift Bow Light at Rockett St George -  £149.00

"I actually can't quite believe this. I have ordered it and am already looking out for the postman every day because I can't wait to see it in the flesh! Will it look like a huge gift tag?  Yes! Will it be uber shiny ala a Jeff Koons piece? Yes!  Will it replace my christmas tree this year? Maybe. Come on Postie, don't be slow. Fly like Superman, I can't wait to see this bow!"

4. Serge Mouille Lighting "It's heady territory, this love affair with Serge Mouille lighting. Intoxicating shapes and incredible task lighting. Prices from $5,000 for the Applique Bras Pivolat Coubre single light. Or for those Melbourne readers, why don't you book table number 20 at Golden Fields in St Kilda and sit under the glow of one for a fraction of the price?! Booking for tables of 8 or more. This way you can size it up and see how nice it makes your complexion look!. Book a table on (03) 9525 4488, or buy the wall light outright from Corporate Culture.

5. Marc by Marc Jacobs Red Velvet Slippers with Mouse Detail - £158.33

"I mean, really. It's so Mrs Clause Night before Christmas outfit. I want these and I want the kids to spy me slipping around hiding presents and leaving out carrots in them. Too ideal".

6. Starting Weber kettle BBQ "Smokey Joe" portable - $99.95 (smaller) & Weber® One Touch Silver available in Blue, Black and Green $299 (taller).

"I didn't understand BBQ until I put in a pool. Such good times. Combining all of my favourite foods - burnt meat, beetroot and potatoes with masses of Kewpie (Japanese sweet mayo). bring on the BBQ days. I like a moveable one over a fully integrated serious one, so I can move around the backyard to where it's super sunny. I also like to have a watermelon injected with vodka always chilling in the freezer box and rose cordial at the ready to pour over champagne for the over 18's or bubble water for kids".

Ooh la la very Nigella, MM!

7. Mason Pearson Junior Hair Brush in White - $111.96 "Ok, so what I when I have little babies to gift is buy up on these Junior versions of the MP classic hair brush, and then take them to London with me and get them monogrammed on the back. There are many places in the UK that can do this and the brush becomes an instant keepsake with the little ones initials on it. Divine, divine, divine. They come in soft pink and powder blue but the white one is the perfect purity to a slightly heavy monogram treatment". 8. Le Vernis - COCO Blue Nail Colour Limited Edition - from $29.00 online "I start an outfit from bracelets up and then nail polish. My eldest daughter calls it my 'arm party!' What a party I am having with these, bought for me by my best friend.   I can recommend them all. Instant arm party!"

9. Gary Heery "Macaw Wings" photograph, 65 x 80cm

"This photograph, orderable in many sizes, gives me the chills it is so exquisite. I imagine one day, when I am grown up, I will have it above my mantle".

10. Tara Badcock First Prize Rosette - from $95.00 "What can I say? I just adore these. Choose wisely, you don't want too many number 1's!" 11. Rachel Castles' new Penny Round Cushion - $49.00

"Made for the bentwood, my favourite chair - these perfect round velvet dots manage to make the ultimate dining chair even better. I like the light grey.  Actually, untrue. I love them all".

12. Horse Hair Tassels from Fredericks and Mae

"Stunning, stunning, stunning. I want them all. No actually one would be enough. I love horses (see my gift / investment suggestions from last year) and to have a brush made from a handsome horse's mane would be insane. Please Santa, Fredericks and Mae, pronto".

13. CASTLE X GORMAN beach towel - $79.00

"I loved introducing Rachel Castle to Lisa Gorman and I love the result of their recent collaboration. 'Put the Love in the Coconut' is a singlet, a top, a skirt as well as a beach towel with fringed edges." 14. Orlebar Brown Mid Length Swim Shorts at The Standard Store - $240

"Boys like shorts. I like boys. I like boys in shorts. Post Christmas Day, what I like about these are that Giles (husband) can go from his swim and then carry on without changing shorts. They are everything proof (chlorine, water, jellyfish), but also a truly chic style for men. Not too long and not too short.  I do like men in short shorts, but there is about 4 millimetres difference between correct short and incorrect!"

15. Best in Park Bedford Dog Lead in Classic Tan - $64.95 "It's fun to have a little gift under the tree (or the bow light - see gift number 3!) for August, our beloved pooch. Doggie bow ties start at $17.50 or this handsome lead in doggy pantone perfect tan!" 16. Hermes Tarot Cards -  $95

"Now don't be put off if these are out of stock when you call, they are worth getting on a waiting list for. Loads more fun than your standard deck of cards, have your friends over for tea and tarot. Better still, scour ebay for a preloved set which is kinda of cooler and spookier".

17. Alessi Parrot Corkscrew from Top 3 By Design - $79.00 "No one ever buys themselves a bottle opener. I can think of a handful of people who I could buy this cute black toucan for."

18. Laguiole Debutante Cheese knife - $39.00

"These are master made and wonderful in the hand. Great gifts as they come in a lovely wooden box that smells of rural France, which is where they are made. And anyway, who doesn't like cheese? By this logic, everyone could do with a cheese knife, so my thinking is that you might as well have a nice one".

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