2011 Christmas Wishlist Series! - Lucy Folk

Lucy Feagins
Lucy Feagins
8th of December 2011
Lucy Folk's Christmas picks!
Everyone loves a bit of help with their Christmas shopping at this time of year... but I reckon arbitrary gift guides are a bit yawn. And usually unrealistically colour co-ordinated. Instead I thought it would be way more fun finding out what key items our favourite local creatives are coveting! This year we've invited a bunch of talented and generally awesome local creatives to give us their Christmas lust lists.  Over the next couple of weeks we'll hear from a bunch of fab people including super stylist Megan Morton, artist Kirra Jamison, magazine editor Brendan McKnight and more!   And let me tell you, these people know a thing or two about COOL STUFF. We're kicking things off today with one seriously stylish Melbourne lass - jewellery designer Lucy Folk!  Ms Folk has such an awesome Christmas wishlist I am feeling very slow for not knowing about the existence of half these items until now.  Seriously.  That bike... waaaaah!  I want one! OH, and speaking of extravagant gifts.... After gathering a loyal local following for her glittering food-inspired jewels, Ms Folk has just opened her very own retail store in the city!  Congratulations Lucy!

Lucy Folk's Christmas Wishlist!

1. Stella McCartney Spring 2012 - I really want to get this outfit, the print is fantastic. 2. A new camera to take on our honeymoon. This new Leica would be AMAZING but out of my pricerange...so I would probably go for a Canon or something more reasonable !! 3. Sunday Ganim Baby Blanket or throw...for my cold feet on the couch. 4. Some goodies from Ganim's store... like this Astier de Villatte candle. It smells divine! 5. Smythson Jewellery Case. Don't need this but it would be nice one day to have all of my jewels in one spot. One day I would like to have something custom made. 6. Saskia Folk panel... My sister is a very talented artist and I would love another panel of hers. Below is a panel she has taken off an abandoned car in the outback...she has the eye I tell you !! Her exhibition at Scott Livesey sold out so I will probably have to wait a while. 7. I love a white dress in summer so my pick is this one by Arabella Ramsay. 8. A Frescoball Beach Tennis Set. I love to hang at the beach in Summer and what better way to spend your afternoon playing a bit of bat and ball !!
9. A new BBBBBBBike!! Now that I have my very own shop and I don't want to spend a fortune on parking it would be good to get some wheels.

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