Behind the Scenes with Jardan - The Production Line

Jenny Butler
Jenny Butler
30th of November 2011

Yesterday we saw the initial sketches for the brand new range of Jardan's outdoor furniture and today we are seeing the first pieces being produced. With lashings of blaze blue, fresh watermelon and classic white, the furniture for TDF Open House is looking amazing thanks to Jardan! -Jenny x

Table bases for our outdoor range looking super-fresh in blaze blue.

Today, Jardan invites all of The Design Files reader to peek behind our curtains and have a sticky beak. We’d like to show you snaps and snippets of new things to come, as well as the hardworking crew that get us to the finish line.

Sneak peek into the intricate metal work involved in the fabrication of the new outdoor dining chair.

Being Melbourne born and bred, we like sourcing local talents to help us fill the gaps in our production capabilities. Our local fabricators are all located within a few kilometres of our main factory, which reduces our carbon footprint.

At the top, wire base coffee tables completed and ready to be glammed up! Below, the coffee tables in the powder coating booth which are then baked to complete the process.

For our new outdoor range, our design team have been assisted by a talented group of metal fabricators who have helped to pull the design together and transform concept to reality. Our timber factory, located just down the road from our head office, is where all the elements for the outdoor range come together. Assembly is one of the most exciting parts of the design and development process. It is where you get to see your idea come to life!

Our fancy Flynn stools get a splash of juicy colour. So perfect for The Design Files Open House!

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