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Jenny Butler
Jenny Butler
14th of October 2011

What a great week we've had Celebrating Life at the Bottom with Ed Howley, Monica Clapcott and Stan Johnson from JUNIOR! For more excellent advice and interviews with successful and inspiring creatives, be sure to subscribe to JUNIOR's newsletter or follow them on Twitter or Facebook here. Thanks again team! - Jenny x

As a job hungry junior, there's a few things you can do besides getting those pearls of wisdom from us and our interviewees.

We're big advocates for doing as much as you can to get yourself out there, and to make sure you build up a smashing folio and a wealth of experience on how to tackle any which-way brief. That's the only way you're going to impress Mr. CD when crunch time comes. As much as you'd like to, you're never going to walk into a job and snap it up without having something to show for it. You've got to be in it to win it. This goes for any Advertising creative, Graphic Design, Multimedia, or Writer, etc, etc.

Jason Ross presenting at one of the JUNIOR events

Esther Clerehan would tell you, go the supermarket, buy a bunch of products, and think about a brief and how to sell it.

Stan would tell you not to just sit there and do nothing.

We're going to tell you to get inspiration from places. Youtube, TED, Books, and Blogs. Don't read Award Annuals, it'll only stump you and you'll come up with ideas others have before you. Also make sure you don't sit there staring for hours to get 'inspiration', and become trapped in an endless cycle of clicking. You gotta do work, too!

A glimpse inside of Portfolio Night

Other resources you should tackle that we highly recommend;

Portfolio Night - it's basically speed dating with CD's for advertising creatives. It hasn't been in Melbourne for a couple of years, but we're hoping it'll come back.

8 Briefs, 8 Judges, 8 Months - it says it all. Do it.

Find Your Yang - Stuck for a creative partner? This is how you find one.

Young Creative Council - If you're international based, this is like another Junior. We also like Jonge Hoden but we're hoping you're more proficient in Dutch than we are.

Your local cafe - there's nothing better than a cup of coffee, a comfortable space and people watching to get the brain moving.

- Ed and Monica

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