Junior - First and Foremost, Get A Job

Jenny Butler
Jenny Butler
11th of October 2011

As someone who has been in their first real job for over 7 years, perhaps I should have read this article sooner?! Another great lesson learnt from Ed and Monica at JUNIOR. - Jenny x

Read the full interview with Luke Sullivan on JUNIOR here

Over the past three years this is one topic that has arisen frequently. See, when you’re starting out it’s only natural to want to work in the coolest studio or agency you can think of. And if for the lucky ones, it can be a great base for the rest of their career. But the unfortunate reality is that there’s only so many jobs and a whole lot of people toting folios around town.

One of our recent guest speakers David Ponce De Leon made a great point during his recent 10 tips in 10 minutes. Preaching from atop a table at the Workers Club, David delivered a description of ‘the agency of the millennium’. Read below.

The kicker is that no such place exists. It was a big wake up call for many in the room. As David put it “a bad job is better than no job”. Off the back this talk David has written this piece for Desktop magazine – it is well worth a read.

The main thing is to not despair. Treat your first job as a two things: an apprenticeship and a stepping-stone. The key is to not get comfortable. Keep building your portfolio and stay hungry. Because at the end of the day your first job is that just.

- Ed and Monica

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