Spring Cooking with Island Menu - Scrambled Eggs with Gravlax

Jenny Butler
Jenny Butler
28th of September 2011

Today Sam Shelley of Island Menu shares his recipe for Scrambled Eggs with Gravlax; I've never eaten Gravlax before, although I certainly know my way around scrambled eggs and to me this seems like the perfect brunch for a leisurely Sunday morning. -Jenny x

Spring time in Tassie marks some great fly fishing in the highlands.  The water starts to warm up and the fish start to stir.

A few weeks ago I made a trip up the lakes with one of my best mates in some typically foul highland weather.  The fishing was pretty good considering. We managed a few nice browns which I took home and gravlaxed.

The gravlax went perfectly with some free range eggs that one of my clients had dropped into me.  Nothing beats these eggs – check out the colour.

Scrambled Eggs with Gravlax 4-6 Slices Gravlax or Smoked Salmon 2x Slices of some nice Crusty Bread (I used a 2 pound loaf) 50ml Pouring Cream Butter A few pinches of Dill (not too much – it can be over powering) 2 eggs White pepper Scrambled Eggs

Lightly beat the eggs, cream, dill and pepper in a bowl. Melt a little butter in a plan over a super low heat. Add egg mixture to pan and stir with a spatuala very slowly until almost done – take them off a little before they are done as they will keen cooking. Serve on some nice toast and with the slices of gravlax – you shouldn't need to add salt as the gravlax is quite salty.


Get 2 fillets of trout or salmon and place one skin side down in a baking dish. Cover the fillet with 1 cup of salt and 1 cup of sugar.  Add some lemon zest and plenty of dill and a few splashes of gin or vodka. Now place the other fillet on top of it so the skin is up. Cover in grad wrap and the place a chopping board on top with some heavy weights (tins of soup etc) on top and place in the fridge. The gravlax will take anywhere from 6-24hrs depending on the size of the fish.

- Sam

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