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Jenny Butler
Jenny Butler
19th of September 2011

This week we are so excited to welcome Gemma Cagnacci to the Guest Blog! Gemma and her husband have just spent 6 months traveling and then documenting their adventures through Gemma's blog, Line x Shape x Colour. This week Gemma will be sharing a country a day from these recent travels, with the stories being told though her very beautiful images. If you'd like to see more Uzbekistan, visit Line x Shape x Colour here. - Jenny x

Some of the amazing architecture in Uzbekistan

My husband Andrew and I decided to put our careers on hold and jet off for four months to explore the world and get re-inspired. It was something we'd been talking about for ages. Fed up day dreaming about it all, we decided it was time to do it. Our bosses both gave us the time off with our jobs on our return (so don't be scared to ask!).

Embroidering for a suzani, Khiva

The next bit, and the hardest, was planning where to go. We wanted to go to places that were high on our wunderlists, a bit more on the adventurous side, inspiring and places that might change in the next few years (as amazing as Europe is, it is always there). So it was decided: the Middle East and the Silk Road, taking in some of Central Asia. This week I'll be visually sharing with you a few of our favourite countries, some of which you might not normally think of to go to on your next holiday (but should!).

Inside the Tilla-Kari medressa at the Registan, Samarkand
Guri Amir mausoleum, Samarkand

First up is Uzbekistan. This was the last country we visited, and definitely one of our favourites. Placed on the infamous Silk Road, Uzbekistan is blessed with some of the most breathtaking architecture and beautiful textile traditions we have seen. We were both in awe. The people, too, are some of the friendliest and most hospitable we met in all our travels.

At times it felt like we had travelled back in time, walking around the old, romantic towns of Bukhara and Khiva. Such a magical and unforgettable experience, it's one country we both highly recommend to check out.
- Gemma x
Escaping the heat, Bukhara
A carpet workshop + some natural dyes, Khiva

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