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Jenny Butler
Jenny Butler
21st of September 2011

Today we see a brief tour of Gemma and Andrew's time in China. Having spent over a month travelling through China, there is no way Gemma could include all the highlights here, so be sure to check out Line x Shape x Colour too! And if you don't already, you can follow Gemma on Twitter here. - Jenny x

Lake Karakul

China is huge. We spent four weeks travelling west from Beijing, along the Silk Road to Kashgar. It's extremely interesting to observe not only the landscape changes, but the cultural too. From a mega city like Beijing to the quaint Tibetan town of Xiahe, then on to the 'new frontier' of Xinjiang province - home to the Uighur people - it was incredibly fascinating.

Uighur man, Kashgar

We travelled through huge cities, the massive (and scorchng hot) Taklamakan desert and some of the biggest mountains we have ever seen. It was truly epic. Upon reaching Kashgar, it was a dream come true, which was made by experiencing the famed Sunday livestock market. Kashgar was one of our favourite cities in all of the trip. The old town (which is sadly disappearing) is like stepping back in time and a real highlight. Can't wait to go back to China and explore some more, there is so much to see!

- Gemma x
the Pamir mountains (over 7000m), west China
Kashgar livestock market

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