Aunty Cookie - How To Look Like You’re Well Read

Jenny Butler
Jenny Butler
15th of September 2011

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I don't read too much. Mainly cos I'm lazy and can't be fagged and just want to sleep, and I'm fairly comfortable living with my dumbness. Ok sometimes I read parenting books for stupid reasons. Expecting them to answer any and every parenting dilemma. But when I wake up I never remember what they are telling me to do or what I should be doing so I revert back to my instincts. Uh oh. And I still haven't found the one I'm really looking for that is called what to do when your kids don't care that you are yelling at them cos all you do is yell and the other one why can't I just go to sleep in peace. Anyone got those? I need them.

Word Nerd Cookie and winking at books

But I would read anything and everything written by either of these two people. I love them. I wish I was them. All the time, like for reals. Yes, didn't you know that? Being a gay man is one of my dreams. I especially love that when I read them I laugh out loud and that means I irritate the chap beside me which makes me even happier. Gone are the days of me re-reading the funny bits cos he just looks at me like what the hell you're an idiot can you just shut up and read and let me get back to my james patterson. So now I just laugh and feel like I know a funny secret and am so superior because of it. How could you not want to read a book where on the back cover an ex boyfriend praises the author by saying "You’d be pretty if you’d lost weight" Answer me that.

In case you were wondering other titles I'm interested in are:

Child – they say you are mine but I beg to differ.

Why are mice eating my heatpacks?

Yes, you are not the only one who can't be bothered – a self help book.

- Shannon aka Aunty Cookie!

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