Making with makedo - Meet Makedog

Jenny Butler
Jenny Butler
18th of July 2011

We are thrilled to have the team from makedo on the Guest Blog this week sharing some of their favourite creations using the makedo system! As part of  State of Design, makedo are creating a HUGE maze at Federation Square and they would love for you to be involved- places are limited, click here for all the details. Makedo have also offered a giveaway as part of their Guest Blog, just leave a comment between now and 10pm on Thursday to be in the draw to win a FreePlay Kit for Three!-Jenny x

What better way to kick off a week of makedo guest blogging than by introducing our very first, and bestest friend… Makedog.

Hello Makedog!

Made by Industrial Designer and makedo’s playful inventor PJ (Paul Justin), Makedog was the first-ever creation made using makedo’s reusable connectors and up-cycled materials (see him made here in our one-minute video). Ever since then… well, he’s kind of hung around.

Makedog embodies the playful creativity we hope makedo inspires in all who use it. He’s become our literal ‘poster child’ for just how easy it is transform boxes, tubes, plastic lids and the like into objects of play. He’s our loyal and trusty pal who's always by our side…

Woof woof!

But after 3 years of shleping around with us, Makedog is adamant that he needs some friends of his own kind. So we’re putting the call-out for you to create a best friend for our best friend - whether he or she be Schnauzer, German Shepherd, Pug or Poodle!

We have made up these how-to instructions just for you that have never before been shared!  Follow our illustrated instructions below.

Happy making! - makedo x

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