Kirra Jamison and Dane Lovett + print giveaway!

Lucy Feagins
Lucy Feagins
8th of June 2011
Beautiful light-filled dining space.  Artwork from left to right - David BandJake Walker, Laith McGregor. All photos by Daniel Mahon.  Beautiful.
The Northcote home of artists Kirra Jamison and Dane Lovett. Artwork above the bed by Ben Quilty. All photos by Daniel Mahon.

It's getting harder and harder to avoid using superlatives and/or CAPITAL LETTERS when sharing these incredible Australian Homes every Wednesday.

I mean REALLY.

HOW AMAZING and truly unique is the Northcote studio and home of Melbourne artists Kirra Jamison and Dane Lovett?  Omigod!  Incredible. One of my absolute favourites so far.  (Must admit I have about 5).

There are so many ace things about this home!  The fact that it's both a functional living and working space for Kirra and Dane.  The fact that it's a rental, and yet Kirra and Dane have firmly put their creative stamp on the place.  The fact that they've filled their home with so much style and colour and brilliant quirky decorative details - all on a modest budget. The fact that this space has the distinct feeling of a Selby-esque New York loft - transplanted in Melbourne's inner North!

Kirra and Dane have only lived here just over a year.  In that time they've done a lot to make their industrial space a warm and welcoming home - when they moved in it was simply a warehouse shell with basic kitchen and bathroom.  They set to work painting all the walls and the studio floor white, making the big chalkboard wall in the kitchen, and building walls downstairs in the studio to separate their two work spaces.

Kirra loves that her home has a connection to her work life.  'Of course there are the usual struggles to contend with when you work from home' she says, 'but the positive outweigh the negative'.  When bringing her paints home from the studio, Kirra realised that home had become the space in which she felt most creative - 'it was full of the objects, colours, textures and experiences that inspire me, so to leave that space to make work somewhere else no longer made sense. And it is a real luxury especially leading up to a big show when it's three in the morning and you can just walk upstairs and jump into bed!'.

Kirra Jamison fans will be excited to know that she's having a solo show this month at Linden Gallery.  Sneak peek and details below!  LOOKS AMAZING!  Agh.  Such beautiful work Kirra!

Linden Innovators II New works on paper by Kirra Jamison Opening - 6-8pm Friday 24 June Exhibition runs 25th June - 24th July 2011
New paintings by Kirra for the Linden Innovators II exhibition later this month!

Kirra has also recently created some stunning limited edition Giclée prints of her work, featuring hand cut vinyl appliqué to make them extra special!  Each has been made in an edition of just 6 prints signed by Kirra - and at $900, they present an affordable option if you've been coveting one of Kirra's exquisite works for a while. 

AMAZINGLY, Kirra has sweetly offered one of these new prints as a giveaway today for one lucky TDF reader! The winner may select from the following two - Cosmic Might and Empty Head, each pictured below.

To be in the running, simply leave a comment on this post today Wednesday June 8th, before 10.00pm Melbourne time. A winner will be selected at random and contacted by email tomorrow!  Huge thanks to Kirra for this incredibly generous gift!  I have never wished SO BADLY that I could enter a TDF giveaway myself!

*UPDATE - Huge thanks for all your sweet comments!  A winner has now been drawn - comment #322 - congratulations John B!

Empty Head by Kirra Jamison, 90 x 53.5 cm, Giclée print and hand cut vinyl appliqué on 100% cotton rag paper, edition of 6, $900 inc. gst.
Cosmic Might by Kirra Jamison.  90 x 53.5 cm, Giclée print and hand cut vinyl appliqué on 100% cotton rag paper, edition of 6, $900  inc. gst.
Artwork above the bed by Ben Quilty.  Cute flowers in a tomato jar by nextdoor neighbour Katie Marx I'm assuming!  Solid timber beetle track side table by Greg Hatton. Photo by Daniel Mahon.
Dining area details - artwork by Jake Walker and Laith McGregor. Photo by Daniel Mahon.
Ikea Family Live would be very excited about the storage solutions in this awesome kitchen. Photo by Daniel Mahon.
Blackboard wall in kitchen = hours of dinner party amusement!  Photo by Daniel Mahon.
Kitchen details. Photo by Daniel Mahon.
Bedroom wide. Photo by Daniel Mahon.
Bedroom details.  Katie Marx can make even a tomato tin full of tulips look beautiful.  French Bulldog Tallulah! Photos by Daniel Mahon.
Indoor garden!  Photo by Daniel Mahon.
Kirra's bike downstairs.  Photo by Daniel Mahon.
Details from Kirra and Dane's shared studio space. Photos by Daniel Mahon.
Dane's studio space - love those blue drawers! Photo by Daniel Mahon.
Dane's studio space.
Dane and Kirra!  Cute couple or what!? Photo by Daniel Mahon.

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