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13th June, 2011
Lucy Feagins
Monday 13th June 2011

Cardboard furniture from Melbourne-based KARTON Group

Cardboard furniture seems very international doesn't it?  It seems like something you'd see in teeny bedsit in Tokyo, or a student apartment in Berlin or Eindhoven, even.

The cardboard creations you see above do indeed hail from our cultured counterparts in the EU.  They are the work of Berlin-based Industrial Designer Hans-Peter Stange, whose company Stange Design creates the most AMAZING things with cardboard.  We can thank Melbourne-based KARTON Group, though, for bringing these designs to Australia.  They've recently launched a schmik new online store, and they deliver Australia-wide.

KARTON's range is extensive, and includes everything from storage to office furniture, a bed and even a dining table.  I'll admit the whole cardboard furniture thing is an odd concept to get your head around, but credit where credit's due - the designs are inspired and the whole range is extremely well executed.  If the spiel is to be believed, KARTON furniture is strong and durable, and can even be painted / varnished if you really want it to last. It's 100% recyclable, and whilst clearly it's not made to last a lifetime, the choice of lightweight, non-toxic materials means production and freight consume far fewer resources than a similar timber or particle board product would.  Must say a life cycle assessment would be a great asset here!

At $328.00 for a complete bedroom package, KARTON might just claim a small chunk of IKEA's budget / student market.  I was going to say though, that at $78.00 for a 6-pack, it's the Hex and Box stools that will probably be the best seller for events and hospitality.  Then I noticed they're already SOLD OUT!  Ha!  Nice work.

KARTON's bedroom package

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