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Jenny Butler
Jenny Butler
2nd of June 2011

It seems like EVERYONE I know is having a baby at the moment! Thankfully I haven't had the daunting task of organising a baby shower yet... but when I need to I'll be keeping Amanda's 'The Nesting Newbies' in mind! Even if baby showers aren't on your to-do list, there's something here for everyone. - Jenny x

Perfect for today's moodboard - Multi-coloured umbrella by David David found via Oh Joy

This is really more of a 'babyshower-come-housewarming' inspired by a friend's party I recently went to.

The couple who invited us had just had their first baby, and just moved into their newly renovated house. These were two massive life milestones that they were both proud-as-punch to share with those closest to them. It was more of a 'sip-and-see' occasion - which I just thought was fantastic!  I've been to a few baby showers recently... and to be quiet honest I always feel a little sorry for the mother-to-be. She is usually uncomfortably close to going into labour and not able to enjoy the champagne. At least this way, both proud parents can celebrate, relax and enjoy themselves (not to mention, they can also receive some fantastic gifts for their new house and baby!)

Nesting newbies moodboard - top images Hannah Berman via DesignSponge

This is the entrance to my in-laws house. I've just place little blue vintage glasses up the steps. They would be ideal as tea-lights.

The ceramic baby's bottles are designed by Lightly, and I've just placed retro striped paper straws in them (is it irresponsible of me to use the baby's pram as a drinks-cart!? I'm obviously not a mum yet!). A good idea also is to leave out a gift-table for all the goodies guests might bring!

I'm certainly a huge fan of TMOD's interactive designs. Their 'special delivery' card would be great as an invitation as well.

Just a few vintage finds - great to use as vessels for flowers... and a notebook designed by Japanese stationery brand D-Bros that I thought could be a nice gift.

- Amanda x

PS. Everything you see here will be available from the Ojoli flea market starting next week!

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