Beautiful Bio Table Ware

Lucy Feagins
Lucy Feagins
20th of June 2011
Wasara bio-degradable tableware from Japan - available at The R.E.A.L Store in Sydney
Wasara bio-degradable tableware from Japan - available at The R.E.A.L Store in Sydney

I have been SO INSPIRED by this week's Guest Blogger, Liane Rossler, that I am kicking things off with a little post about something she introduced me to on a recent trip to Sydney.

Bio table ware.  Sounds boring right?  WRONG!  The stunning examples of bio-degradable tableware in this post prove that the most ETHICAL option can also be the most BEAUTIFUL!  Ethical = beautiful.  Gotta love that.

The Japanese WASARA tableware above literally has to be seen to be believed.  It is so so beautiful.  Made from a combination of reed, bamboo and bagasse (sugercane waste product), it feels soft and velvety, it holds your food / liquid for one-time-use... and it is completely compost-able afterwards.  SO. GOOD.  The stunning organic shapes come in tiny canape size or larger plates, cups and bowls - truly they are so special you won't even want to use them!   You can buy them in Sydney at The R.E.A.L Store (featured in Liane's Guest Blog today!) and they also sell online. Prices starting at a very reasonable $2.00 a unit - they're sold in packs of 8 but larger custom orders can be arranged.

Another gorgeous option, for a slightly more rustic picnicky feel, are these beautiful bowls and plates (below) from I Ran The Wrong Way, also in Sydney (also online!).  Again they're totally compostable and biodegradable.  They're made from the naturally shed leaf sheaths of the Areca Palm, from plantation palms in India, utilising a manufacturing process which avoids chemicals, resins, dyes or synthetic materials.  They're sold in packs of 24 for just $12.50 (that's .5oc a unit.  bargain).

You can learn more about The R.E.A.L Store TODAY on the Guest Blog, and I Ran The Wrong Way on Wednesday!   Two very inspiring gorgeous Sydney shops.

Do support these lovely thoughtful retailers and snap up some of their beautiful bio-wares in preparation for your next party.  There is seriously NO EXCUSE for awful plastic plates next time you organise a BBQ, kids birthday party or picnic!  Plastic!?  Ugh!

Bio Tableware from I Ran The Wrong Way in Sydney

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