Well Crafted Threats with Tamara Maynes - Drop The Ball Wonder Woman

Jenny Butler
Jenny Butler
18th of May 2011

Of all of the 'Well Craft Threats' that Tamara has brought us so far - this one speaks to me the loudest! Remember to leave a comment before 10.00pm to be in the draw to win a Well Crafted Threats Cross Stitch Starter Kit!  Thanks Tamara! - Jenny x

Recently I had reason to conclude that I am not Wonder Woman. Each morning I thought I had been dressing myself in a red and gold bustier, fabulous star encrusted bikini bottoms and red knee high boots. Turns out it was merely my old jeans and a tshirt! It was also at this point that SK, my #1 main squeeze threatened me to DROP THE BALL!

With this new threat now pinned to my wall I pondered it by listing all my projects - of which there were far too many. When was I planning to sleep or eat? As I entertained the idea of rest and nourishment the consequences of this threat weighed heavily and I found myself dropping the ball... forever ending my superhero delusions!

A big ask but this warning has stuck... so far!  Stitch your very own threat using a Crafted Threats Starter Kit from The Six Week Boutique.

One project on my list considered un-droppable was the four workshops I recently ran for the Powerhouse Museum’s inaugural Craft Punk weekend. My now unfettered self enjoyed focusing wholeheartedly on teaching eighty eager participants how to embroider words onto vintage doilies.

If you would like to experience my new-found calm at future workshops subscribe to my workshop mail out. I have some regular beauties coming as part of Megan Morton’s cool new venture The School and a spin-off series associated with an exciting project I am working on with Inside Out Magazine. I will be the one not wearing red knee high boots!

* UPDATE – thank you for all your entries!  Congratulations to comment #5 - Kathleen!  Don’t forget, Tamara is giving away a kit each day so you still have 2 more chances to win! Thanks again Tamara!

A work in progress, transferring artwork to doily on a lightbox at Craft Punk.

My Craft Punk workshops at the Powerhouse Museum consisted of amazing vintage doilies, archival Letraset fonts and the imaginative words of each participant. Subscribe to my workshop mail out for future dates!

Participants hone their skills gathered around huge tables strewn with materials.

Jane Latief and co who run the contemporary programs at the Powerhouse Museum sourced an amazing collection of over eighty vintage doilies for participants to stitch onto.

- Tamara x

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