Well Crafted Threats with Tamara Maynes - Change Something Or Else

Jenny Butler
Jenny Butler
17th of May 2011

Tamara is back again with today's Well Crafted Threat and some behind the scenes photos from her recent website relaunch. Remember Tamara has offered to give away a Cross-stitch Starter Pack each day to one lucky reader - leave a by 10pm to be in the draw to win! - Jenny x

Working in design means being exposed to and creating newness constantly. My style always remains but it’s execution is varied from one project to the next - which brings me to this post!

I love all things lo-fi like using paper & pencil and playing vinyl over an ipod. I also love the hands-on aspect of a homespun website. My own lo-fi site enables me to play at whim meaning re-designing it has become somewhat of an annual project. My latest re-design however was causing me to question my love of the basic approach. Having uploaded a simple holding page in January, by March I was hallucinating. Shadowed daily by a giant ‘updated site coming soon’ announcement it whispered threateningly in my ear CHANGE SOMETHING OR ELSE!

The undesirable future this threat had me considering got the re-design of my website finally up and running. Stitch your very own threats using the Well Crafted Threats Starter Kit available at The Six Week Boutique.

Lovely & lo-fi – the chosen homepage for tamaramaynes.com. How fab is Sarah K’s Wingback Carbon Chair?!

Enter Monique Germon, my amazing shooting buddy, #1 creative partner in crime and proprietor of Story. Once I dreamed up art direction and sorted props, we got to work. #1 authority on all things design Sarah K was in Milan with her Other Hemisphere show so we descended upon her empty pad, lounged in her fabulous Wingback Carbon Chair and with Monique behind the lens we captured my newness. Check out the site so far and rest assured the whispering is fading!

* UPDATE – thanks so much for all your entries!  Congratulations to comment #8 - Emily!  Don’t forget, Tamara is giving away a kit each day so you still have 3 more chances to win! Thanks Tamara!

My homespun art direction, styling & and props with the magical photographic eye of my #1 creative partner in crime Monique Germon. Check out more of her images at Story.

- Tamara x

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