Well Crafted Threats with Tamara Maynes – For The Love Of Kinship

Jenny Butler
Jenny Butler
20th of May 2011

Today we say goodbye and thank you to Tamara Maynes after a very fun week of Well Crafted Threats. Tamara has been very generous and given away a Well Crafted Threats Starter Kit each day this week and today is your final chance to win! You know the drill, comment by 10.00pm to be in the draw. Thanks again Tamara! - Jenny x

Big love to Lucy and Jenny for having me on the guest blog this week... everyone’s comments have been wonderful! I look forward to mailing out a Well Crafted Threats Starter Kit to the five lucky readers who won my daily giveaway. Speaking of which you have one last day today to be in the running - so get your final comments in and enjoy!

My closing post does not contain a project associated threat but a big thank you to my extended creative family. Always willing and ready to help me make any of my creative pursuits a reality, we share the most lovely thing there is – kinship. Regular Design Files readers will be familiar with the creative crew of which I speak who reside in the affectionately named SoHi (Southern Highlands) 90 minutes south of Sydney.

All threats and thank you’s aside I thought I’d conclude the launch of my new cross stitch kit with a few ideas on how to use it as a decorating tool. Having taken a pretty large chunk of energy to design and develop my exclusive ransom note font and sample it up it’s time to sit back and let it do the talking!

*UPDATE – thanks so much for all your entries!  Congratulations to comment #6 – Susie!  Thank you again to Tamara for giving away a Well Crafted Threats Starter Kit everyday. Happy stitching to the lucky winners!

She Him was stitched with the six piece Starter Kit which will set you back a mere $33 plus postage!

I love these vintage cotton velvet cushions and have my eyes peeled whenever I enter an op shop. More importantly this quirky take on monogramming, makes it obvious who belongs to what.

Good Grief was stitched with the six piece starter kit and one extra’s pack. A decorating saviour for only $41 plus postage!

I have never been able to throw away a quality magazine, hence my dog eared issues of British Elle Decoration from the 90’s. This old fashioned phrase, brought to my attention by Lauren a repeat workshop participant, is the perfect way to ensure your own possible hoarding situation is disguised as clever decorating .

Pick Me was stitched with the six piece starter kit. $33 plus postage!

If you love clothes you’ll know they have a voice all of their own and want desperately to be adored. Nothing is better hung on the bedroom wall than your fave frock and it’s request of devotion. My current fave is this crisp silk party frock complete with puffed sleeves and macrame necklace that I made but have not yet worn. We want each other real bad!

- Tamara x

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