Visiting Colombia with Marcela Restrepo - Up and Down the Mountain

Jenny Butler
Jenny Butler
26th of May 2011

We continue our amazing week with Marcela in Colombia by visiting some of her favourite places around her home town. Today's post is filled with many beautiful pictures of the Colombian countryside and lifestyle, thank you Marcela for sharing so much. - Jenny x

We spent several weekends (45 minutes up the mountain) in El Retiro and Rio Negro and other weekends (2 hours down the mountain) in La Pintada and Puente Iglesias. It’s what we look forward to the most when we go to Colombia, staying in some country houses.

Driving on Colombia’s curvy roads is very exciting. While we enjoy the most amazing views, we also burn some adrenaline when overtaking the long trucks… Just enough time to overtake before the next turn!

It’s nice to stop on any of the restaurants that can be found on the side for a snack or a big traditional meal. Not so nice to see all the trucks you had overtaken already, passing by while we are eating… but a ‘bandeja paisa’ or a hot chocolate with some cheese and cassava bread are worth the stop.

Different types of cheese and cassava bread. Traditionally taken with hot chocolate (Colombian style). All recipes are on  mycolombianrecipes.

Fruit stands on the side of the roads

Traditional Bus or ‘chiva’. These usually have beautiful colourful graphics on them.

‘Cerro Tusa’ from the road

Colombia is the second largest flower exporter and many of the plantations are located in towns up the mountain from Medellín where the weather is slightly colder. One of those being Santa Elena, home of the silleteros.

La pintada, Antioquia. Two hours down the mountain from Medellín.

Puente Iglesias, Antioquia. Also about two hours down the mountain from Medellín.

Puente Iglesias. We had the best beef, made on a real barbecue!

Above Left: beautiful ceviche. Right: Yellow pitaya, very exotic tropical fruit. It is sweeter than the red one.

Above Left: Cattleya Trianae. National flower of Colombia Right: Green toucan.

We had time to enjoy some of the snacks and beer we used to have.

Rescued from old albums, a vintage image of my mom and dad and their LandRover…

…and the Renault 4 that took us to so many places around the country.

- Marcela

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