New Birdwood Sandals by Wootten - Handmade in Melbourne

Lucy Feagins
Lucy Feagins
26th of April 2011

The Birdwood Sandal and Venice Ankle Boot by WOOTTEN, handmade in Melbourne by local designer Jess Cameron-Wootten.  Photos by Sarah Wood.

If you're anything like me, you spend at least the first 2 months of winter wondering what SHOES you are supposed to be wearing.  If you share this annual dilemma, don't despair!   Apparently, this year it is perfectly ok to wear SOCKS with SANDALS - as long as they are the cutest sandals in town.  AND I truly believe that the Birdwood Sandal, handmade by local designer Jess Cameron-Wootten, are indeed the cutest sandals in Melbourne!

Whilst they're not exactly puddle-proof, this sweet design does still offer a fair but of toe coverage, and truly, are they not the smartest pair of T-bars you've seen since primary school?  What's more, they are handcrafted especially for your very own tootsies - ie, you try on a fitting pair in store, Jess then sizes you up and works speedily over just two weeks to create your very own pair from scratch!  Handmade shoes, crafted on demand!  Oh how very old fashioned and wonderful.

The Birdwood Sandal is available in tan (pictured), brown or black, and retails for $385.00.  ALSO the BRAND NEW Venice Ankle Boot (pictured above right), will be available in standard sizes from NEXT MONTH, if you are after a truly winter-proof design.

Simply pop into Milton in Prahran to try on one of the fitting pairs and place your order.  Made in Melbourne by ONE BLOKE - Can you believe it?

pssst.  FYI, Jess Cameron-Wootten is a boy.  He is co-designer at Woot'n Wright, and co-proprietor of Milton in Prahran - alongside business partner Amy Wright.   Milton is a super cute local shop I really should have covered many many moons ago.  Check it OUT!

A shop called MILTON - OPEN from midday today! 153 Greville st Prahran Melbourne

ph. 9529 5649

For opening hours check here.

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